• The innovative beauty roller works similar to blotting papers. Our roller uses porous volcanic stone to eliminate any excess oil and glare on your skin. This is a great product if you have oil prone skin. Can be used before photos to reduce glare on camera.
  • REUSABLE- The roller ball is easily removed for cleaning. When the roller gets saturated with oil, simply pop it out and wash with warm soapy water. Let the roller ball fully dry before next use. 1 roller will have a life of 6 - 12 months.
  • ELIMINATES SHINE AND MASSAGES FACE- These rollers give a smooth matte finish to your skin - eliminating shine and glare. The roller also acts as a gentle face massager to help improve blood flow and circulation.
  • VOLCANIC STONE- This roller ball is made from real volcanic stone. The stone has naturally oil absorbing properties and feels great on your skin.

Volcanic Stone Oil Removing Tool

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