Mary owns a well-established and lucrative brokerage firm with a vast clientele. Her success has her face plastered on billboards as she travels across the country on a regular basis. But, this seemingly successful woman suffers psychologically. Although married to a loving and caring man,Victor, she can’t escape the abuse she’d suffered in her past. Each time she recalls what she’s been through, her emotional health is threatened. Continuous delays in getting professional help leaves her in navigating a dire situation. It is then that Victor does what he does best — protects her.
The results will surprise readers. Masterfully balancing the elements of a psychological thriller, women's fiction, and superb entertainment, Joanne Vivolo delivers an intelligently plotted story with great psychological depth. The opening was great and I knew I’d love to follow the protagonist, Mary. I enjoyed the way her character is developed; it allows readers to have a clear idea of what her personality is like and why she is the way she is. 

The author handles themes that are strong and that are part of the day-to-day human experience. 

The writing is gorgeous, capturing popular culture and arresting manner. 

Protect Me Not is the work of a master, plotted with expertise. Joanne has accomplished to give readers the best entertainment. 
You’ll love the economy of language and the precision when it comes to the entertainment this novel provides.

Protect Me Not

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