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Like finding the best new shade of red lipstick, each chapter in Lush & Luxe was designed to attract women from all over the world seeking motivation in their flawless shade.


Owning a perfectly tailored power of positivity suit is a fashion statement everyone wants to put on and show off, but don't know how to wear it. Lush and Luxe was designed around the metaphor of power, charging stations and fashion; featuring 5 successful women in powerful life roles.


Each fully styled chapter offers exclusive interviews, tips in building an empire and seamlessly merging a domestic lifestyle with a successful professional career all curtailed in a witty, easy to relate to dialogue.


Getting personal, uncensored life and career advice from empowering women like the beautiful and talented Lea Black from The Housewives of Miami leaves each reader walking away from this book feeling energized with their life batteries fully charged.

Lush & Luxe Deluxe

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