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The following blog includes mentions of addiction, mental health and sexual abuse. I encourage everyone to prepare themselves emotionally before proceeding, this content can be disturbing. If you believe that reading this content will be traumatizing for you, I suggest you choose to forgo it. Read at your own discretion.

Getting up each day and doing something that I love is a blessing in itself but, when I get to meet fellow Author's, it makes what I do feel more powerful and connected to my purpose. Part of the reason why I love writing books and creating blog content is getting the opportunity to meet new people. People like Alan Wade, who bring so much more to the creative platform.

Anyone who's ever written a book will tell you that the process was gratifying and yet, the amount of work put into it was undeniably exhausting. Knowing that your work will eventually be in the hands and hearts of readers worldwide is enough to elevate your heartbeat but, when your book becomes a best seller, the feeling is indescribable. It's kind of ironic considering the use of story telling with descriptive words that appeals to the masses is what makes an Author a best seller in the first place.

My guest today is someone who loves to think creatively, loves language, and has gracefully turned his life experience into a best selling book. Alan Wade's painful and traumatic experience paired with the fundamentals of language was carefully crafted in a book format to bring us the necessary knowledge on a sensitive subject matter. His story, although painful, is graceful and authentic. Alan is successful in his ability to garner the trust of his readers while holding interest. Recently, I was given the chance to get to know him a little better. Of course being a 5 time published Author myself, I wanted to dive right into his personal experience as an Author but quickly learned Author wasn't the only impressive title attached to his name.

Alan Wade

Welcome to the JOLO Lifestyle Blog Alan. I'm thrilled to have you as my guest today. There's so much to talk about today so I want to dive right into your bestselling book first. You co-authored a book with Cindy Preston who happened to be my Guest Blog Feature last week. Click here to read that blog. Describe your experience with having an international bestselling book:

Cindy Preston and I worked together with 14 other Authors to create the first book in the Magnetic Entrepreneur series. It was a little out of our comfort zone because it was about our business. Being focused on helping others talking about our business and the success is it having was out of my comfort zone.

Well, you know the saying, success starts at the end of your comfort zone. And, success you have! You won several awards for your work. Tell me a little about those awards:

Our first ever award was for our first book the Magic Within: How to Transform your life. It is about using different methods than most people use or know to change your life. So our publisher Raymond Arron gave us the award for NEW AGE SOUL UTIONS.

Awakening won an Award for being vulnerable when I wrote about being raped at Ten years old and what I went through for 17 years. I even wrote about the lowest point in my life when I put a gun in my mouth and pulled the trigger. I just lost all hope of having a so called normal life without the flash backs and the trauma from being raped at 10 years old.

Congratulations on your nomination of The Inspirational Man award for Author in Toronto. In fact, not only were you nominated, you won the award. I would love to hear more about this experience. Was this award something you expected or did it come to you by surprise?

Inspiration Man Award in Toronto was a surprise. It came from Soulful magazine. I was very honored to have been nominated, so winning was amazing. It was amazing to be nominated and to win was a total surprise. When Tracy, the founder of Soulful Image Magazine, contacted me to say I was nominated I was really surprised. 10 Inspirational Men in Toronto, actually I was shocked. I am from a small town of 1000 people in Sundridge Ontario and here I am being nominated for 10 Inspiration Men in Toronto; a city of millions. Then to hear my name called out for the Author category, I have to say it was amazing and shocking all at the same time.

Alan Wade with his Inspirational Men in Toronto Award

Achieving all these milestones and the success of these awards must have empowered you in some way. I mean, let's be real for a moment, it's a great honour to even be recognized let alone receive an award. How did this empower you?

The Awards tell me I am on the right track. That the message, I am doing my best to get out there is being heard. That my goal to help the people that suffer in silence, to break that silence is working.

How did you celebrate that success?

We celebrate every day by just being who we are and focus on helping as many people as we can.

The Magic Within- How to Transform Your Life is a powerful, deeply touching and highly personal book based on your personal trauma you endured as a young child. Why did you decide to share this story with the world?

The story about being raped is in The Magic Within. I just felt it was time to let the rest of the world know that if a guy like me could overcome my past then anyone could do it as well. To be perfectly honest with you I was terrified when I told the world what happened to be when I was 10 years old and what happened at 16. I had only spoke about what happened to me with clients of the Addiction and rehabilitation program I worked at. I had never spoke about what happened till I was nearly 50 years old.

Alan Wade Guest Speaking

People all around the globe are inspired by your wisdom and knowledge. In fact, you are often asked to be a guest speaker. What key advice to focus on when speaking to impressionable audience members?

The message I tell people is “Your Past does not equal Your Future”. The first step in my healing journey was acceptance. I started by just accepting that it happened and we cannot change our past but we can control what we do today right here right now. Forgiveness was next it took a while for me to figure out that forgiveness was for me. That what happened was not right but it happened and I needed to free myself from all of the blaming of myself, the shame, guilt, anger and pain.

Seasoned in the addictions and mental health field as a Social Worker, what were some professional challenges you encountered and how did you overcome them?

I really enjoy working in the addictions and mental health field. I used my own experiences and all of the education to empower others to create the life they truly deserve. The challenge for me is that the organizations I worked for and currently work for are locked inside the box with their approaches to helping others. There needs to be a more open approach to using other techniques to help people. There is also a lot of red tape to get through to get help.

True to your passion for a positive mindset, one of your titles includes Certified Master Practitioner of NLP. Can you tell us more about what this title actually means?

NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming is a game changer when it comes to helping people. We have done a lot of training to get certified just because it works. I have done the counselling for years and it desensitizes the client over a period of sessions usually many session. NLP deals with the unconscious mind in a non-evasive way. It helps very quickly without having to relive the trauma over and over again. We used the techniques on ourselves to be able to explain the procedure and the benefits.

Getting back to writing, you also co-authored two other books with International Bestselling author, Robert Moore; with one book called Awakening – Out of the Darkness into the Light. Is this book a sequel to your first book The Magic Within?

Yes it is. When I wrote my story in the Magic Within, it was very short and direct. I did not go into great detail about what I went through. So, writing Awakening: Out of the Darkness into the Light is a detailed account of the feelings, the flashbacks, night terrors and how I pulled myself out of those dark years.

How did you get involved with Robert Moore to co-author a book?

I met Robert on Facebook and he too has overcome trauma in his past so we started working together on various projects.

The power of social media! What did you do differently with the second book that you didn't with the first?

It is much more detailed. I really never went into so much detail when I spoke about what had happened. When I finished my part of the book I started to cry when I read what I wrote. If I had not lived it I do not think I would have been able to believe it. It brought back so many memories and feeling. It also reminded me of others things that happened that I did not share in the book.

In First Nation culture, you are a certified Hypnotherapist. Can you tell us what that title means?

When I went to school to become a Social Service Worker, I specialized in First Nation Culture. It taught me a different approach to helping First Nations people. Certified Hypnotherapist is part of the Master Practitioner training I did for NLP. It is MER® Mental Emotional Release. This technique is amazing. It helps people to take back their lives quickly and without having to be traumatized over and over again. Hypnosis is also a way to help others to overcome their limiting beliefs and programming.

Of all the accomplishments you’ve had to date, which one makes you the most proud?

The fact that I have overcome the obstacles that stopped me from finding love. I love my kids my beautiful partner, Cindy, and truly enjoy my life of helping others. Everyone deserve to find love and happiness.

That's beautiful and I admire your strength and tenacity. What is occupying your time right now?

I am working on two book ideas right now. The first is, Your Past does not Equal your Future: Breaking free. It is for people to tell their story. I found it very freeing to finally tell my story and I am hoping others find it freeing as well.

The second is, The Calling: Answering the Call. It is for people that have dedicated their lives to help others. It is a way for them to get the recognition they deserve.

I want to move right into the education, real-life experience, and spiritual teachings you do to help others. How do you incorporate these gifts into your speaking engagements and coaching?

By being someone that has changed his life totally. There was a time when anger ruled my life. By that, I mean, that was the way I dealt with my trauma. Anger was my blanket, my protector it kept people from hurting me but it also locked out the good people. I also turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with my pain. I was very negative and hated myself. I am spiritual yes, I believe in the source of life. We are all energy and connected. It really depends on who I am speaking too and coaching. With everyone believing in something, I never take for granted that people may not always agree with what I teach.

Alan Wade and Cindy Preston with Tony Robbins

Most of your work is a big part of who you are and what you stand for. Where do you see yourself and your journey going?

I see myself helping more and more people. Helping to free them from their limiting beliefs, programming, their past and empowering them to create the life they deserve. Someone once told me go find your passion and destiny. I say go create it. Why look for something when you can create it.

I say that all the time too and that is exactly what I do, only on a business level. I create content, workshops and information I wish was available to me when I was looking for it. It's how my online class Boss Your Business came to be. Experience speaks volumes and having someone mentor you along the way helps alleviate fear. I'm certain you can resonate with this having years of experience working in the addictions and mental health field. How has that experience helped you with your coaching business?

You get a unique view of the world when you work in the Addictions and Mental health fields. Many of the people I work with cannot see just how special they are. When you work with someone and watch them grow and change their lives in ways they could never imagine it makes me realize that I am blessed to be alive today.

I love that you are also exploring the world of blogging. What is your creative blog practice? By this I mean do you find a blog topic and then just write about it or do you actively search out current trending content and then create a blog around it?

I am more of a direct kind of writer. I like to write books and, to be honest, I have not done many blogs. You did just give me an idea with this question.

Well, let me know if you need any help with that. I have an amazing online class all about starting a blog called Blog Like A Boss that literally walks you through the entire process from A to Z. I'm certain your blog will tie into helping others. You have so many talents it is no wonder you are driven to work on so many projects. What is your primary motivation?

My primary motivation is to help others and it comes from not wanting others to suffer the way I did. My programming stopped me from asking for help. Boys/men do not cry, show weakness, and ask for help or having feelings. I did everything my way when I started this journey of healing and helping others. It took a lot of time with one step forward two step back process.

Who is your primary motivator?

My partner, Cindy, is my Motivator. She is the most loving person I know and she makes me want to be better every day.

I'm big on mantras. I talk openly about having daily mantras and mindset mantras. Even my Instagram is littered with positive mantras. I whole heartily believe in positive messages, inclusiveness and an empowering mindset. I noticed you recently posted a mantra on your Facebook page. Do you have a favourite mantra?

“Today is going to be a great day”. IT tells me I have the power to choose what every day will be like no matter what happens.

Much like mantras, quotes can often work as a positive affirmation. What is your favourite quote?

“We do not drive our cars looking just in the rear view mirror, so do not live life thinking about the past, so do not live life thinking about the past.”

Mission statements are crucial in business. It's what defines a company's vision and their core values they stand behind. This mission statement ultimately shapes employee behaviour in order to achieve a set of goals and/or objectives. It is in my opinion that life kind of works the same way. Instead of of a business mission statement, some people follow personal mission statements. What is your personal mission statement?

To empower others.

Love it! There's something special in how we treat and support one another. It really is the foundation to one's character. Along with empowering one another, criticism can also help with personal growth. Sadly, not all criticism is constructive. How do you handle criticism?

I know that not everyone will agree with what I say or even like me so I am good with criticism.

I want to talk failure for a moment. Failure is the defined as a lack of success but I feel that definition is vague because failure is the beginning of steps to success. Without failure, one cannot learn. I like to call failure my mini miracles. Failure is my method or resource to attaining better results. I mean, isn't failure just another way to learn how to do something right? Why stop at failure? How do you deal with failure?

You only fail when you stop trying to succeed.

Exactly! I feel when we are able to change the narrative around a negative, it is only then we can truly grow. we can grow. Just for fun, what is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Let go be happy.

Cindy Preston & Alan Wade with their book Awakening

As an Author, when you first publish a book, you have to decide if you will publish under your real name or a pseudonym. I chose to keep my real name for all my books (so far) but, sometimes I get caught up in the wonder of what name I would use should I decide to publish another book under a pseudonym. If you had to pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?

I would have to say Trouble because I think outside the box and see the world differently than most people do. I also believe in people.

I can picture it on a book cover now....Written by Trouble Wade. Sounds catchy doesn't it? Maybe something to consider for future writings. Thank you for being my guest today. I loved interviewing you and I can not wait to see what you do next.

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