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The pain you experience today is the strength you'll have tomorrow

Becoming an Author takes huge amounts of effort, time, patience and commitment. Being a 5 time Published Author myself, I know a few things about the trials and tribulations of this journey. An experience that can be difficult for most and often an awakening of sorts.

I've heard others describe writing a book as a tool for inner growth or a personal method of healing which is how I envision this weeks Guest journey into the Author world to be. Described as the key to personal healing and transformation by a reader; The Magic Within was specifically co-written by the award winning Cindy Preston and Alan Wade to help readers' transform their own lives through the inspiration and real life stories depicted in this book. This book gives tremendous hope to those who are struggling and offers tools to set them on a powerful and magical journey. Recently, on January 9 of this year, Cindy Preston added certification in NLP, MER and Hypnosis to her list of titles and accomplishments. Over and above all of these amazing titles, Cindy also participates in presentations on transformational change.

Wow, congratulations Cindy and welcome to the JOLO Lifestyle Blog. I'm thrilled to have you here. I want to jump right into the meat and potatoes of your extraordinary life. Can you explain what transformational change is?

Yes, my partner Alan and I provide presentations and we speak to groups on topics regarding to transformational change. Our intention is to share with others the life altering techniques that we use with our clients and how they can tap into their own inner power themselves. We offer hope and instill the message that they are much more powerful than the realize!

According to, 1 in 5 people in Canada will personally experience a mental health problem or illness. As a therapist in the mental health and addictions field for over 18 years now, what is the biggest stigma attached to mental health and what can be done to eradicate it?

Education is the key to decrease stigma for addiction and mental health. These two issues are in many cases experienced concurrently. For example, most of the clients I have worked with over the years experience dependence on alcohol and experience depression and anxiety. Also, trauma is very correlated with addiction. Many people experience mental health symptoms and do not get the help they need due to ignorance and stigma and end up suffering in silence. That is one of the reasons why we wrote our book.

Congratulation on your book The Magic Within that you co-wrote with Alan Wade. One of your readers' from Amazon said this book holds the keys to self healing, and personal transformation. They went on to say if you are suffering from grief, depression, or addictions this book has the power to enlighten your journey. That's quite the review! What is your favourite excerpt from this book?

I found it difficult to find just one excerpt, but here are some of my favourites that I feel portray a beautiful message:

"Learning to be true to you is the most important statement of this whole book. It all starts with you. This means that you are the one who has to do the work and make positive changes in your life. In order to do that, you have to consider yourself important, precious and worthy of an amazing life. When we start changing our thoughts, behaviours and expectations, our life will change. Be patient and kind with yourself. Be gentle and keep moving forward. Never ever give up. Don’t have regrets, live life to the fullest. Embrace that magical part of you. Be the powerful creator that you were born to be. Don’t wait one more minute. Life is too precious; you are too precious!"

The reason why I chose this is because the message we intend to send people from our book is, you are precious, your are important, you have the ability to change your life, never, ever give up! You are a powerful creator and you not only have the magic within, YOU ARE THE MAGIC!

Being a two time award winning Author is a perfect example of showing your magic. Let's talk about those awards you've won. There are 2 of them, can you tell us about them?

The awards that I have are, New Age Soul-outions award and Empowering Others award.

Writing and publishing a book is often passed over by many new Authors because of the fear that surrounds the whole process. I've ghost published for many Authors because learning how to get your book published worldwide and onto the shelves of bookstores can be overwhelming and scary; often compromising the books visibility and success. When fear of the unknown takes over, it often leads to an unpublished book. Once we step past the fear of the unknown, it becomes almost addictive to write and release more and more books. With that being said, are you working on any new books?

Alan and I are working on a few new books, one will include other authors who are interested in sharing their story of their own calling to help others and how they answered the call.

I love that you post positive mantra's on your Facebook page. On December 28, 2019 you posted one of my favorite quotes by John Lubbock; What we see depends mainly on what look for." I talk about clarity, vision and perception in my own book Lush & Luxe; Powered by Positivity. Changing the way we see and take in our experiences affects us greatly. The more we can shift our thinking patterns the better we are for it. You ave so many great mantra's posted all over your social feed. Do you have a favourite Mantra?

My favourite mantras are, Never, Ever Give Up- Everything is always working out perfectly for me- Love, love, love.

As much as we infuse our lives with positive quotes and mantras, life will never stop throwing us curve balls. I strongly believe that it is up to us to use these life experiences for our greater good. What is the biggest adversity you have personally overcome?

The biggest adversity that I have overcome is my father’s death and the circumstances surrounding his death. My father was in a police shoot out, he was the shooter. In the book I describe the event in detail and how I overcame the trauma and pain associated with the event. My father was a kind, loving man who had never in his life broke the law and then one day ended up in a police shoot out. Talk about a shock and trauma for me and my family. Felt like a very bad dream that I couldn’t wake up from.

I am terribly sorry for your loss Cindy. Talking about this in your book must have been extremely difficult but I know you've used this experience to enrich your life in many other ways. Can you tell us how you have grown from this?

I have grown in so many ways from this event that it is difficult to even start. My first inclination is to say that when very painful and difficult things happen to us, we consider in our minds how terrible it is. However, I have learned that it is all in our perception and if we reject the incident and stay victimized by it then we continue to suffer. Once I accepted what had happened and decided to learn and grow from it, my suffering ended. Yes, it still was painful and at times very difficult. However, I realized that I am very strong, and I get to chose how I respond to it. That really is the key. Perception and how we respond to our circumstances is where our power resides. I decided to become better not bitter.

You mention that you assist women to improve on body image, and increase their love of self through various techniques of self-acceptance via the art of belly dancing. Please tell us more about this practice and how it works in the area of self help?

I have belly danced for many years and this beautiful experience has given me the gift of loving my body as a woman. Through learning the various feminine movements and watching my body in the mirror I have grown to love my body as a woman. I now embrace my beautiful curves and precious body. I teach this to my students when we dance together. I encourage them to embrace every part of their body and love it. I also created an online program that is for anyone, not just women. This program offers strategies and techniques that you can do daily to connect with your body and love it exactly the way it is right now. Society has programmed us to feel inadequate if we are not super thin, muscular and beautiful. We offer break through sessions that target body image for those who have difficulty with this topic.

What are some of your favourite methods and tools you provide that can be utilized in the healing process to those who are suffering?

We have so many tools for people that are very effective and cutting edge. Some people can utilize strategies right away such as learning the ability to use your body to improve your mood. For example, when you move your body whether it be dancing, walking, jogging, kick boxing etc. This can change the way you feel quickly. One of the psychiatrists I work with tells clients that 20 minutes of exercise daily is equivalent to an anti depressant/anti anxiety medication. Also, just the way you hold your body can affect the way you feel. Such as, looking toward the sky, opening your palms and turning them upward, and smiling, makes a difference in how you feel. There are so many small ways a person can change the way they feel just using their body. We have many very effective techniques that really make a huge impact on a person’s quality of life. MER, Mental Emotional Release, is to me, one of the most effective and powerful tools on the planet. I have witnessed client’s experience relief from years of trauma that they endured and within a few hours be completely free of the horrifying trauma from their past. This is a very powerful technique and the best part is that it is non evasive. The client does not have to talk about the traumatic event. Such a beautiful way to release painful trauma.

As mentioned earlier, one of the titles you proudly carry is Certified Hypnotherapist, MER® Can you tell us more about this practice and the benefits it holds?

Some of Cindy's Certifications


Release past baggage with andMER®start with a clean slate. This is a cutting-edge technique that releases unresolved negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Using the magnificent power of the unconscious mind, MER®allows you to get to the root of the problem and release the associated baggage. This frees you to move forward and start creating the life you deserve. MER® offers the ability for individuals to resolve past traumas without having to discuss or re-live the memory. MER®can give tremendous relief from symptoms in the very first session.


Hypnosis for stress relief, smoking cessation, body image, weight loss, pain relief and more. Utilizing the amazing power of the unconscious mind, hypnosis will help you to break free from the negative patterns that are controlling your life. We use hypnosis along with the MER®to offer a very powerful process to end self sabotage and create the life that you deserve and are worthy of experiencing.

You have a ton on your plate. Your list of titles does not end at Author, Therapist, Coach, Speaker, Teacher. What has been your biggest achievement to date?

I would say my biggest achievement is getting my Master NLP, MER and Hypnosis certification, these skills will help many who are suffering and create a new beautiful life. As well writing our books because we can get our message out to many who are seeking a better, much deserved, Magical Life.

What is the process in which you prioritize what gets done first and what can wait when you just don't have any time left?

My process for managing my time and what gets done is to do what is most pressing first. I complete that and move on to the next. On my down days, I do what my spirit is whispering me to do. When I listen and follow my spirit, everything falls into place. Examples are, dancing, walking in nature, the beach, a coffee with a friend, curling up with a book by the fire, meditating, a bath, cuddle with Al, playtime with my grandchildren etc.

Knowledge is power, or so I always say. Guiding a less experienced person by preparing, teaching and leading them into achieving their goal is something I love to do with my online courses; Boss Your Business. One of the rookie mistakes I talk about in this course is not having a mentor to help them along. Trying to navigate the unknown solo is one of the top reasons people fail at attaining their goal. When exploring anything new, it's important to find a mentor that will consult, counsel and ultimately become your cheerleader. Who is your Mentor?

I have few mentors, first I would say Matt James, he taught us NLP, MER, Hypnosis. He lives an authentic life and demonstrates in his actions that he lives what he teaches. Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, the late, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer. I have many mentors who inspire me to be the most amazing me possible.

I'm big on doing a happy dance when I want to celebrate. In fact, when I say "happy dance'' to my kids, we stop what we are doing and we all break out in a dance. It's really kinda fun, especially when I call it on in the middle of a public place; like the mall or the grocery store. When all the stars line up and everything is going well for you, how do you celebrate?

I celebrate with Al and my family/friends over a beautiful dinner together. Family and friends are my top value in life.

Empowerment! That word itself raises my vibration instantly. When I was writing my book Femme Fabulous, I was blessed to get the REAL and raw experience of what empowerment really stood for. I am incredibly thankful to have such an amazing group of women who collaborated with me to bring Femme Fabulous to a whole new level of success. Their continuous encouragement and selfless acts of kindness helped skyrocket the visibility of my books, by blogs and my online courses. There is something special about supporting one another through words of encouragement, social sharing, recommendations and reviews. Raising the vibration of other people's success never takes away from your own. In fact, this type of empowerment builds on your own energy. How do you empower others?

I empower others by reminding them of how powerful they are and that they are truly precious and deserving of an amazing life. Their past does not equal their future.

I always get asked where I get my inspiration from. The truth is, I get inspiration from everywhere but lately, I've been getting most of my inspiration while jogging on the treadmill. It takes everything I have to not jump off and put my ideas into action. If you watch any of my Instagram stories, you'll often see Boomerangs of me jogging, new business coupon offers and fresh ideas posted while running. It's becoming quite the fun habit. I think the universe is testing my ability to remain focused while exercising. It must be the release of endorphins. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from Alan, friends, meditation, nature, belly dancing, reading, mentors, my higher self.

Next to daily mantras, quotes are my go-to in raising my vibration. What’s your favourite quote?

Everyone dies but not everyone truly LIVES!

Ohhh, love that! It reminds me of when I called out the Canadian rapper Drake in my book Lush & Luxe for using the phrase YOLO in his hit song "The Motto". You don't only live once, you should be living everyday because you only die once. I feel like this is such an important message we should be reminding ourselves daily. Our journeys are unique to each passing day. Where do you see your journey taking you?

I see my journey taking me to a life of freedom. I will work from wherever I want to work as long as I have a computer and access to the internet. I will spend the winters in a warm climate so I can be in nature and be inspired to create programs to help others. I will be able to spend time with my daughter and her family in BC and stay as long as I want so that I can live out my value of, family comes first. We will help many people with coaching, online programs, books, speaking, seminars etc. Our business will flourish, and we will have many coaches helping others to create the life they truly deserve. Our work will help improve world consciousness to aspire to living in love and light.

I love asking this next question because each answer is uniquely different from the next. What is more important to you, experience or success?

I believe that every experience is the creation of success. So experience is most important. Everything that I experience leads me to who and where I am today. That to me is my success. Like the song. I could have missed the pain, but I would have missed the dance. By: Garth Brooks. As I said before, I love to dance!

Cindy and Alan at the Recovery Celebration in Vaughan with their friend Michael A. Tibollo, Minister of Addictions and Mental Health

How do you define success?

I define success as: Living life in a joyful way, offering love and kindness to others, loving myself first. Learning and knowing deeply who I AM, Source energy and experiencing that in my daily life. Honoring who I AM and sharing with others my strength, hope and love. Experiencing an abundance of love, family, friends, health, wealth, spirituality, and freedom. Live like I am dying, by treasuring each day with all the beauty and richness that surrounds me. Telling those that I love how much they mean to me. Accepting life and its many ups and downs and live my purpose. Make sure that, I don’t die with, my music still in me. (Wayne Dyer).

According to science (as posted in O Magazine), rejection is pain. We can let rejection stop us or we can use it to motivate us. The important thing to remember is to resist the toxic pull of negative self talk. When you’re faced with rejection, what do you do?

Rejection, sometimes I find it difficult and I have to take some time to recover, depending on the circumstances. Other times I just tell myself, it is their loss and move forward to better things.

I am big on receiving advice. I may not always follow that said advice but, I never reject it when it's offered to me. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Best advice is from Alan. He tells me, everything is going to work out perfectly and we will get through anything that comes our way. He always knows exactly what to say to me.

Thank you so much for sharing this time with me. I look forward to you next books and will continue to support and empower you and your work through your social handles. Where can people follow you?

Facebook: Cindy Preston

Facebook: The Magic Within Series

Facebook: The Magic Within/ Triumph Over Trauma

Instagram: Cindy Preston



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