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Sorry Not Sorry For This Sari Duster

Just like a catchy song lyric identifies an artist, a business name needs to be crafty to help add value to the customer. I know you've heard Justin Bieber's 2015 hit song "Sorry" and the catchy lyrics "Is it too late now to say sorry" that makes it so memorable but did you know that a good business name is equally important?

The Canadian company Sari Knot Sari is a prime example of this business model. With up-cycled vintage wears, Sari Knot Sari delivers an instant vibe that allows you to not only remember their name but remember the unique products they offer too. And, if you're anything like me, from here on out, every time you hear Justin Bieber singing Is it too late now to say sorry, you'll think of Sari Knot Sari.

Recently, I was gifted a beautiful long kimono-sleeved duster with vibrant hues of blues and pinks; which happen to be my favourite colours. The duster is made from up-cycled silk saris and came with a matching belt that can also be worn as a scarf (I used mine as a hair tie). It's easily worn with jeans and can also double as a dress or even a bathing suit cover. This simple but elegant duster can easily be styled tied or open and ethereal. Wear it frontwards or backwards, as a dress or as a jacket. The one size fits all duster is a super-versatile piece that can be effortlessly be added to any fashion style. In the summer months, I often like to wear plain white jeans with a simple white top and layer this very muted outfit with a vibrantly coloured kimono. It's a super easy and chic way to dress up any outfit. Often, I use the kimono duster as a shawl for my little girl when she gets cold in the mall or while eating at a restaurant. It's super handy! I know all you mom's are nodding your head because you know exactly what I'm talking about!

With so many beautiful pieces to chose from, it's hard to only pic one. That, and the fact this company proudly supports ethical trade, low waste, artisan made, compostable, small batch, slow fashion and up-cycled materials.

When I spoke to Priya Mohan; founder of Sari Knot Sari, I asked her why up-cycled pure silk clothing? Her passion resonated deeply and I could feel her energy and pride as she described her comfortable, elegant and timeless clothing line. She told me she was inspired by a desire to re-purpose high-quality, vibrantly-coloured, vintage pure silk South Asian saris and that she wanted to participate in a clothing movement that celebrates the fabrics of India, extending their life and putting sustainability first. Click HERE to learn more about her why and undeniable passion to this business.

Priya is also a strong believer in innovative design offering minimal waste. With her team in New Delhi, Priya strives to be a low-waste company. On her website she explains that her scarves, pockets, pouches, scrunchies, headbands and bunting are made from left-over fabric cuttings and slightly flawed pieces so that as much of the original sari as possible is salvaged and re-purposed. She says that type of innovation in design is the ticket to a sustainable future.

Not without creative flare, Sari Knot Sari also offers fabric gift wrap. For both its beauty as well as its positive impact on the planet, Priya has created her own line of fabric “wrapping paper“ made with fun vintage pure silk South Asian saris. She explains that using fabric gift wrap is super-easy and by using it, you can participate in a growing trend that supports a sustainable lifestyle. And wrapping your gift in a silk scarf lets you give two gifts in one! I mean, this idea is genius!! It's practical and it is fun!!

As if that wasn't enough to win your heart, Priya and her team at Sari Knot Sari proudly donates a portion of each sale to supporting African Elephants! Here's what Priya had to say about giving back through her business:

"Living a more sustainable lifestyle also means using your spending power to improve our world for all its inhabitants and that is why a percentage of every sariKNOTsari item sold goes directly to the Save the Elephants Organization. We encourage you to find out more about how this organization protects elephants and their grazing lands in Africa every day through donations."

SariKnotSari is not only an eco-friendly business with a super catchy name, it also operates as a cutting edge business that pays it forward to our planet and animals. Quickly becoming a must have staple in your closet, you will KNOT BE SARI to own any one of their fashion forward items. Check them out in store or online today.

About The Founder

As the creator of sariKNOTsari, Priya Mohan aspires to provide you with a curated collection of gifts, slow-fashion and up-cycled clothing, wellness products, and home decor that allows you to buy the things you need while making a difference in the world.

Priya is a fourth generation Canadian of South Asian descent. She is also a high school teacher, a mom, a therapy-dog volunteer and an entrepreneur.

Priya’s journey to slow fashion was a slow and circuitous one. Her foray into the world of sustainability was a vintage furniture store in Burlington called Greystone Fine Furniture where a three-story home was staged with vintage furniture to show customers the versatility of well-crafted furniture from the past. This business morphed into a sustainable lifestyle store on James Street North in Hamilton where she learned more about the importance of slow fashion. Her latest sustainable venture, sariKNOTsari, is the culmination of all that learning about sustainability and style mixed in with her own sensibilities as a mother of three and as a middle-aged woman who can now see past fashion’s hype to the damage it does to our world.

“I recently introduced my three daughters to India, and re-discovered the beauty of Indian textiles. I aspired to find a way to incorporate them into my busy Canadian lifestyle. I also already understood the environmental impact of creating new fabrics and the importance of slow fashion. I got to thinking that in Canada our unwanted clothing gets donated and I wondered what happened to those gorgeous silk saris that South Asian woman had worn to one or two events and then tucked away into the backs of their wardrobes. It took some searching, but I found a way to track down those 5.5 yards of ephemeral loveliness, and with the help of a small family tailoring business in Delhi, turn those saris into generously-cut tops, jackets, dresses and other clothing pieces that can be layered for every season in Canada.”

Priya believes that fashion should be about real women. “Real women have bodies that are supposed to change shape over time. Real women should feel comfortable in their clothes. Real women should have the opportunity to make clothing choices that support the planet while making them feel beautiful. Real women have clothing budgets and limited space in their closets so that can only pick the most well-made  and most versatile pieces. Real woman don’t have time to figure out the perfect outfit—their clothes should work together as basics complemented with layered splashes of colour.” Priya wants to encourage ladies to re-think their wardrobes. “Forget what the fashion industry says you should want and start shopping for what you actually love and for what will always fit you.”

When creating the sariKNOTsari up-cycled vintage line, it was important to Priya to support the use of sustainable fabrics and practices. “Fabric production is the second largest polluter in the world and I didn’t want my line to contribute to this.” She wanted to make sure our consumers could use their purchasing power to benefit people and the planet. This is why she uses certain criteria when sourcing products such as up-cycled, small batch, low-waste, compostable, artisan-made etc. Priya curates the clothing at sariKNOTsari  to make sure everything is ethically sourced, well made and versatile. Priya works directly with the artisans for her sariKNOTsari collections, ensuring that they are paid a fair price for their labour. In fact, she travels to India to handpick sustainable fabrics and designs and ensure safe work environments. When she bring other vendors into the store, she researches to see that they are following these criteria. In this way, customers know when they walk into sariKNOTsari that everything has a positive impact on people and the planet.

Priya defines success as doing what you love while making a positive impact on the world! She believes that everyone can and is making a difference already.  Priya is so happy to be working with the Hamilton Community. She loves connecting with like-minded businesses and people to grow the sustainable movement in Hamilton. “It feels like a small town where everyone knows everyone and helps each other out and I’m thrilled that sariKNOTsari can be a part of it.”

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ON LOCATION: 231 James Street North, Hamilton, ON L8R 2L2

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