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Resting Mask Face

Goodbye resting bitch face hello resting mask face.

It's a real thing!

Guys, you have no idea how many times people (mostly men) have told me to smile. Although I absolutely hate when men make this comment, I recognize that I really need to smile more often.... and NOT because some random man asked me to. I worked hard on being able to smile naturally without having to be mindful of it. It took some practice but now I willing smile all the time. Most of my selfies are proof of it too (wink wink).

A Swedish study found that it is indeed difficult to keep a long face when you look at people who are smiling at you. Smiling is just contagious! Seeing people smile stimulates our mirror neurons to suppress our facial muscle control, and trigger a smile. 'You smile, I smile' is actually a scientific fact!

Photo credit: Joanne Vivolo

Listen, if you have to wear a mask while in public places, make sure you are wearing a great one, even if it covers up your smile!

Thankfully, before it was even mandated to wear a mask in all public indoor spaces, this Quarantined Queen found Katie Alecia from Free The Spirit. She supplied me with some great masks with the cutest patterns. Knowing masks were going to become a must wear, I stocked up on all the trendy patterns to match all my outfits. Two words... fashion first. If you've been following me on Facebook for sometime now, you know where I'm coming from.

These two layer cotton face masks are super comfortable to wear and stay put on your face; reducing contact which is super important in helping to reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

A short while ago, I had fun on my Instagram Stories showing off the many patterns Free The Spirit offers. With their plethora of fun designs, I'm certain you will find the perfect one for everyone in your family. Check out Free The Spirit's Instagram Page for their newest released designs. My daughter really loves this reversible bright pink mask (as seen in the picture). If you love neon as much as I do, you're going to fall in love with the many neon colours Free The Spirit offers. They also have checkerboard and licensed prints available for added options to your everyday outfits. Check them out.

Masks are not the only fun and exciting items Free The Spirit offers.

Did you know that Free The Spirit also offers custom orders??? Like, what?? Yes, it's totally true and I'm just so giddy and excited over it all.

When you‘re looking to get something custom made, simply fill out a quick and easy to follow form (seen here) and you'll get a quote back... super fast! Check out this one of a kind custom full flower bra for a super summer look that Katie posted on her Instagram Page HERE. I mean, this custom piece gives me all the super fab feels.

If you're looking for an amazing deal, check out the under $5 section on the Free The Spirit website. As if that wasn't the best section ever, they also have an over $5 under $10 section that will be sure to have you raving about their products. Bath & body, bodysuits, bottoms, bras, Halloween, head-pieces and even pre-loved items are all up for grabs at amazing prices.


A 29 year old dreamer, doer, artist, maker of beautiful things & free spirit. Her first ever event was shm, where she proudly showcased her very first hand made tank.

Fast forward that same year to digital dreams - Katie had seen tons of pictures from edc & thought if they could rock cray-cray outfits like the ones they wore in Las Vegas, then why not rock those outfits in Toronto too? That is when her first custom bra happened. The compliments were countless!

Over the next few months, Katie went to more events, and continued searching for eye catching outfits to add to her closet. But, there was nothing in her local area, and shipping from the United States proved to be expensive! With that in mind, Katie searched to see if other people were interested in custom items as she was. She posted a picture of a custom bra she designed to the Toronto Rave Community and it exploded with interest and comments over night.

The next day, Katie founded Free The Spirit. Ever since then, she has been creating custom bras, and supplying super awesome outfits to beautiful girls around the world. Katie opened her home to those in the area that want to come in & try things on; allowing her to meet so many amazing people!

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