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You've all heard about those monthly subscription boxes like FabFitFun and Fresh Meal Boxes like HelloFresh but did you know that there is a super cute and convenient subscription box you can get for your pet? Yaaassss! It's called Pawsitive Pets Inc. and it screams super duper awesome to the max kinda love! I'm super excited to share this new found love with you all.

Some of you may know me as an award winning Author of 5 published books, a self proclaimed #MomBoss, Investment CEO, Content Creator and Course Teacher on how to Blog Like A Boss or even as a business mentor in my online class Boss Your Business where I teach other inspiring entrepreneurs how to create and launch their own successful online businesses. Recently, I've opened my own online Boutique but I'll save all those juicy details for a separate blog.

I'm also a blogger. If this is your first time visiting The JOLO Lifestyle Blog, welcome! What some of you may not know is that I love to support local entrepreneurs. It's completely true! I support these amazing women in a number of ways including purchasing their products, mentioning them on my Facebook account, Instagram Page and showing off the products I love and stand behind on my Instagram Stories. I share their promotions and special sales, tag them in my personal product pictures, recommend their products to family & friends and I also love to blog about the products that work and really do what they're advertised to do. If you follow me on any one of my social pages, you know that I have a large following. I have 20K+ combined followers/subscribers so when I talk about products that I love, I want to make sure my followers know it comes from a genuine place of love and satisfaction.

When I first discovered Pawsitive Pets I wasn't sure my little teacup morkie would enjoy it as much as I loved the idea but let me assure you, my little 4 pound bundle of cuteness absolutely adored it. Perfect for small and large breeds, each box is completely customizable to your needs and wants. My box included the popular “LickMix” Peanut Powder Treat Jar, Murphy's Treats Beef Lung, Compostable Poop Bags, All Natural Flea & Tick Spray, as well as Woofer Wash; an all natural dry shampoo. There's also the option to get the all natural Paw Balm, handmade Rope Tug Toys and even some fun pet themed items for us humans.

My 11 year old daughter loves to make our pet homemade pet treats so when she discovered our Pawsitive Pets box contained all Natural LickMix Peanut Powder, she quickly substituted the store bought peanut butter for the all natural lick mix and now our morkie and all the dogs in our family are obsessed with her treats. Lucky dogs! A total game changer treat for your dog; and super simple to use alone. This mix is vegan and low fat. Just mix 1 Tbsp of the LickMix with 1 Tbsp of water. Lickity split; a perfect dog treat!

Check out my daughter's short YouTube Vlog where she unboxes and demonstrates a live product sample of the LickMix with our dog Paris. It's just pawfect!

Of course, I love the fact that the Poop Baggies are completely compostable; a perfect option for our environment. Nothing irks me more than when I see poop bags carelessly tossed in parks, sidewalks or even on the forest trails; left for a gathering of flies and an unknowing child's foot to step on. These earth friendly items will compost naturally.

Let's talk about those pesky fleas and ticks. Yes, a complete nuisance to humans and animals alike. I was able to find a natural spray for my family but was always hesitant to use it on my dog. It's one of the reasons I was so happy to get the Flea & Tick Spray for dogs in my Pawsitive Pets subscription box. Now, when we go on walks, I can feel confident that my whole family is protected.

I'm absolutely in love with all the items in this subscription box but I have to say my dog Paris' favourite is the single ingredient Murphy's Beef Lung treat. This treat is proudly made in Hamilton Ontario and a pet must try! Retailing at only $12, this generous size bag of delight will have your dog twirling for more. It's definitely Paris approved!

The ONLY All Natural, All Canadian Monthly Dog Subscription Box is what you've all wished existed....and it totally does! The best part? It's ALL hand made by Canadian Supplier and completely customizable for both you and your pets likes. Chose from a variety of options including 1,3 or 6 month subscriptions, custom gift boxes and individual items are all available for you and your pet. It's the perfect gift option for those hard to buy for humans and an excellent gift to celebrate a lovable pet in your life. What makes this company win my heart over is the fact that they give 10% back to their local dog rescue organizations and YOU get to choose the one you want to donate to when placing your order!!! I mean, what more could you ask for? Great products, all natural, locally sourced and they give back!! I give Pawsitive Pets 4/4 paws!!


Founder of Pawsitive Pets Inc, Donna Withnell has been an avid dog lover her entire life. She's always wanted to provide her dogs with the best, all natural, local products that she could get her hands on.

Finding Canadian made, all natural products has been tough and that is why she made it her mission to support local Canadian entrepreneurs who share the same passion for dogs as she does. 

Sourcing the best, all natural, Canadian products for a subscription boxes is a top priority for Pawsitive Pets Inc. It's their great honour to support and donate to local dog rescue organizations with every Pawsitive Pets Inc, box. For a full list of products, please click HERE.

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