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Is Your Business Surviving Covid-19?

What have you done to safeguard your business during the global pandemic of 2020?

Let me talk a little about being the BOSS of YOUR BUSINESS.

According to, Canada could lose an additional 158,000 small and medium businesses to Covid-19.

But, let's stop crying over the spilt milk and start reacting to the situation we are in. Those who are slow to start get left behind. It's a sad truth but a vital one to understand.

But not all is lost, yet! The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted e-commerce into overdrive due to many brick and mortar stores shifting their businesses online to survive. But, that's not all that is shifting. Consumers shopping habits are also gaining speed with online shopping, even forcing boomers to shop online; most for the first time.

Online businesses are growing at lightening fast speeds!

Is your business ready?

Have you moved to an online platform?

Not sure where to start or how to get started?

I can help with my online class BOSS YOUR BUSINESS but before you jump into that, let me first tell you that Covid-19 has forever changed the why we conduct and run our businesses. With online business growth up nearly 68%, the Covid-19 world pandemic has taught us that digital adoption is a must! Many business owners late to the online market has left many small and medium size business closing their doors indefinitely.

For those businesses who transitioned smoothly into this new normal of the online world discovered a whole new market they might not have found otherwise. Businesses who acted fast and transitioned into an online format found new customer reach, satisfied existing customers and ultimately experienced a huge increase in sales.

So, what makes the online platform more adventitious to offline?

ONLINE BUSINESSES tend to grow fast and many utilize amazing tools like online invoicing, social media management tools, and even communication tools to save them time and money.

BEING SUCCESSFUL IN BUSINESS is knowing when to change your business model. Adapting to the times, the market and the trends is crucial to business growth and survival.

MANY BUSSINESSES outsource. You can't always do it all yourself and that's okay. Upgrading your skills or even outsourcing the things that do not come natural to you or that you don't enjoy is not only acceptable, it is a must!

ONLINE PLATFORMS are businesses not so secret weapon. If you haven't branched some form of your business into an online platform yet, you are missing out on huge reach and potential new customers. Almost a third of all referral traffic comes from an online source.

ONLINE BUSINESSES always look at the big picture. Focusing on setting goals, making plans and looking for trends is the new online business model methods. You really need to investigate these more.

SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS owners know the importance of differentiating themselves so they can claim their piece of the TRILLION DOLLAR pie.

ONLINE BUSINESSES OWNERS pursue their passion. They do not shy away from upgrading their skillset or seeking help expanding.

THE MOST IMPORTANT factor in a successful online business is taking action before everything is perfect. Life doesn't work that way and businesses sure don't find growth opportunities based on perfect business model. Technically, nothing will will ever be perfect. Don't get sucked in that trap. The right time to pivot is now.

Grab a spot in BOSS YOUR BUSINESS and let's get your business navigating in a new business model with trending methods and strategies. Grab a piece of that trillion dollar pie for yourself, your brand and your business.

It's time to set a online plan to grow your business, even through a world pandemic. It is possible when you have the right tools, the right strategy and the proper methods.

It's time to get niche savvy and dominate your business market. Don't wait until your competitors knock you out of the game. Give your business the attention it seeks, the respect it deserves and the upgrade it needs to survive. BOSS YOUR BUSINESS with me today.

photo credit: Christoper Gower

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