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I've Been Keeping A Secret

It's not everyday I come out and blab about a secret I've been keeping. In today's age of transparency, I feel it is only right to be open and honest with you. I mean, after all, I do write a lifestyle blog where experience and honesty is the forefront of my posts.

So, let me be clear. This isn't a dirty little secret that is going to scar you for life when you find out but, it is something personal. Anyone that knows me or has been following me on Facebook for sometime now, knows that opening up and sharing my personal life was difficult for me in the past. But that was then and this is now. I have come a long way in my journey. I've risen above the fear and embraced authenticity in a way that feels good to me; regardless of what others may think. I'm real about my life, showing authentic life moments on my Instagram Stories. I talk about my nutrition, show clips of my exercise routine/challenges, showcase products that I'm loving on, updated blog and course specials, new book launches and even spark some joy with family time. It's a whole cluster of amazing happenings.

When I first started writing my 1st inspirational book Lush & Luxe, a book on positivity and the powers that lay within perception and clarity, I grew in ways that could only speak to the positive person I am today. It is with this overflowing burst of positivity that I want to come clean with my secret so, here it is!

I'm an image junkie!

So, what does that mean exactly?

Well, for starters, it means I care about how I look. I want to make sure I'm doing everything in my reach to stay on trend, feel healthy and age gracefully. It's personal with a sprinkle of business. You see, I'm an award winning Author, Blogger, Content Creator and Actor. My image is super important to me and my brand and that is why I take my skin care seriously. That, and I really want to age gracefully. I kinda feel like fashion and beauty go hand in hand.

You all know how much I adore fashion. The fact that I just launched The JOLO Boutique is a testament to my fashion obsession. What's more, is for the past year and a half, I've really been focusing on my health and beauty. I've incorporated a physical routine (which I don't share much of), and, I've also been experimenting with different cosmetics, facial cleansers, moisturizers and serums.

For the most part, I try to use all natural, organic products and recently, I stumbled across one that I'm really liking AND it's completely affordable. LimeLife by Alcone is the brand but the products I'm using are way more than the brand name they come packaged in. I know it can be challenging to find the right blend of facial oils, moisturizers, masks, cleansers and even anti-aging products that will work best with your skin type and that is why I trust Carla Berequo, independent beauty guide, to help me navigate my way through it all. She is a welcome breath of helpful information regarding what products will work best for your skin issues. Knowing I loved my existing moisturizer and cleansers, she never once tried to sway me to drop those products. Instead, Carla helped me find a facial oil that would complement the existing products I was already comfortable with and were already working for me.

Now, if you haven't tried a facial oil, you may be missing out on some beauty magic! Did you know that your skin needs oil to maintain a healthy balance? Adding facial oils to your skin care routine will help to lock moisture in while protecting it from environmental damage. Sounds great right? The One Drop Wonder Pomifera Oil was exactly what I was looking for in order to get a dewy glow all while improving my skin's radiance and elasticity. By the way, I am not sponsored by this brand nor do I receive any residual income from it. I'm just a gal who's happy with the products I've been using and want to share them with you today.

After a quick consultation with Carla, she knew exactly what I needed to give my skin the boost I was searching for. As I age, I've noticed my skin gets irritated easily so I was looking for a product that was gentle enough for my skin but offered effective results; with all natural ingredients. It's a tough combo, I know but Carla knew exactly what to recommend. The Sotoks Face Serum delivers on everything I need and wanted for my skin and it is organic, vegan and cruelty free! Lucky for me, these two products also come in a Dynamic Duo Set offering you even more bang for your buck!

I didn't know it at the time but these two products are tried and true customer favourites. After using these two combined products for nearly 30 days, now I understand why they're considered fan favs. I haven't been able to get a facial or Botox for well over 6 months now (thanks to COVID), and I'm seriously thinking I don't even need to. The Sotoks Face Serum is working wonders on reducing the appearance of dark spots that have magically appeared on my skin this year (ahem, age spots), all while tightening my skin. And, the One Drop Wonder simply boosts the effectiveness of the product while providing my skin with beneficial antioxidants and omega-6 which is known to fight against the visible signs of aging. It's no wonder these products have won me over. Not only am I saving money on trips to the medi-spa, I'm also able to enjoy all the skin benefits at a fraction of the cost.

But, don't take it from me. These products are really a must try to believe. I encourage you to check out Carla Berquo Instagram page called Beauty By Carla. Click HERE to see some of the dramatic before and after pictures she has posted of real people. I'm certain you will find exactly what you and your skin need. And, if you're not too sure of what you need or will like, message Carla Berquo on Facebook and ask her to send you some samples. She has this sample book with nearly 60 pages FULL of samples you can use and try at home. I call it the ultimate sample book because it's literally PACKED with multiple samples on every page.

So, there you have it! My secret is out of the bag... and onto my face and it's all thanks to Carla Berquo and LimeLife by Alcone.


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