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How to walk into the BEST year of your life!

Hey Doll,

January 1st marks the beginning of a new year, but this coming new year is extra special. You see, we are only 15 days away from a brand new decade which has me thinking a lot about what this new beginning means. For most people, it's the start of new resolutions. I hear people saying things like:

"I'm starting fresh come January 1st."

"I'm going to work on growing my business after the holidays."

"Come the start of the new year, I'll be motivated."

"Growing my business is my New Year resolution."

"I'll start January 1st and really stick to it this year."

"I'm going to add a blog to my platform in the new year."

Does this sound familiar?

Here's what I know!

January 1st is not a magical day, it's just another date on the calendar. It's known to be a perfect date to negotiate with our inner voice on a practical time to start. In fact, that date has been symbolized as a resolution start date when in fact, any date on the calendar can represent a start date. January 1 is known around the world as the goal setting date when in fact, there are 364 other days that are perfectly ready to take on your goal. This new year date does not symbolize the start of your new life, or even the beginning of your goal. It's a wonderful day to celebrate the new year and the amazing adventures, goals and accomplishments that will fill the calendar days to come however, any day of the year is the perfect day to set your life goals. It does not serve us to wait for a specific date on the calendar as we have been subconsciously programmed to believe.

Today is the best day to walk into your best life by stepping it up and stepping out of those programmed dates on the calendar. It's time to step into your best pair of boss shoes, make a plan and put yourself directly in front of your goals like the #BossQueen you know you are.

Setting goals (a.k.a resolutions) any day of the year is a total must! The most common takeaway I've witness from family & friends is that they wished they pursued their passion without procrastination, fear. Getting out of their own heads and moving out of their own way has got my clients soaring with success.

They say things like:

"Why did I wait?"

"I should have done it before now."

"If I knew then what I know now, I would have done things differently."

If you find yourself saying that you're waiting until after the holidays to start working on your goals, you'll be inadvertently making it that much harder to begin. Setting yourself up for success can be difficult, but only if you let it be. You have the choice to start. It's time to break out of that vicious cycle of procrastination. It's time to end this decade on a high note and start serving your purpose any day of the year.

Trust, I've set New Year resolutions my entire life based on this calendar date and it has not served me. It wasn't until I gave myself permission to move past the January 1 start date and utilize each day of the calendar year. As the CEO of my own life, I authorized myself to set my intentions on a regular basis. I no longer need to wait for a specific day on the calendar to go after my dreams. I'm able to crush a new book launch like a boss, release a special blog feature without hesitation, start a new project without fear and even create new online content with full confidence.

Setting intentions, stepping up my goal game and even starting something completely new any day of the year has boosted my confidence level to a whole new level and I feel SO positive and in control. You get to decide on how you want to position yourself in this world. You get to choose your career path. You even get to pick your own life title. Author, Blogger, Actor and Boss is what I chose and work on each day.

Once you get used to making a promise to yourself on any given day of the year, you'll feel empowered to make it happen instead of feeling pressure to start because it's January 1st. It's time to show up for yourself every day by choosing you and not the date on the calendar. New decade, new you; 365 days of the year!

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So, enough with this January 1 bull! No matter WHAT day on the calendar, decide what you want and become an unstoppable FORCE to make it happen.

You're worth it, 365 days of the year.

Alway with great intention, Monday to Sunday,




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