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Hold the Tim's and skip the Starbucks! The House of Java has exactly what you need without all big box store push. They also have something that you can't buy anywhere! And, that my dear reader is inspiration. Given enough coffee, I could rule the world... or at least that's how I feel most days.

As an Author, Blogger and Content Creator, I need a constant drip of inspiration. I mean, lots of inspiration!! Inspiration has been the main driving force of how I managed to write and publish 5 books in 5 years? Like most writers, I like to draw my inspiration from movies, television, articles, conversations, events, my imagination and even my dreams. But, what triggers those moments of inspiration? Well, coffee of course and the House of Java always delivers a full cup of inspo when I need it.

Some creative souls can absorb inspiration energy naturally while others turn to substances to awaken their creative spirit. For me, I get my best creative energy from trying something new. New does not always come in the form of something wild and crazy. But, let me assure you, new can be completely exhilarating when you open yourself up to change. That's exactly why I decided to ditch my regular coffee house go to and sip on something different. What a difference a brew makes. The change in coffee flavours, locations and atmosphere not only did me good, it recharged my creative spirit and reminded me that even small changes are the key to giving me fresh inspiration.

A simple change on how you start your day can be the difference you need and the energy your inspiration can thrive on. Try the simplicity of enjoying your morning cup of joe with nature. Step away from the newspapers, tablets, televisions and smart phones and take your coffee out on a date into the outdoors. Spend time with your own emotions and set your intentions for the day. Explore the possibilities of your dreams and then determine how you can make them sip of coffee at a time.

Recently, while teaching my Blog Like A Boss online class, I was asked how I was able to keep fresh new content streaming over my social pages and click worthy content in front of my readers eyes. My answer was quite simple. You need to love what you do and set yourself up to receive the inspiration to get started. So how is that done exactly? Well, with a great cup of coffee of course and then allow the rest to fall into place. That is exactly how the House of Java started their empire many years ago. Their story is nothing short of fascinating. A real piece of Hamilton history dating as far back as 1917. You can read all about the captivating coffee house history HERE also proudly displayed on the House of Java website.

When I teamed up with The House of Java, I knew my inspiration would be a full blend of rich flavour but I had no idea how much pour over my creativity would experience. I found myself extracting all the pleasures of my day starting with the best pleasure of it But not just talking about any typica A botanical variety you can find anywhere. I'm talking 40 years and 80+ coffee bean varieties kind of coffee. From single origin, fair trade organic, decaf, flavoured, rare and exotic, The House of Java proudly offers it all. Located at 166 James Street South in Hamilton, Ontario, The House of Java hold more than coffee in their business inventory. With over 40 years of coffee balance, blend and body, the House of Java is rich in history. Check out their personal story dating back to 1917 HERE.

According to, not only can your daily cup of coffee help you feel more energized, burn fat and improve physical performance, it may also lower your risk of several conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. In fact, coffee may even boost longevity. Read the full article HERE.

So, the next time you're looking to flavour your day with some fresh inspiration, look to your coffee. You don’t have to live an extraordinary life to find sources of inspiration. Sometimes, all you need is an extraordinary cup of coffee from the House of Java and watch what a little change can do.

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