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Does Luck Have Anything To Do With Kayla Bissett's Green Thumb?

Excitement comes in all forms but for me, I experience the most excitement and joy when I'm able to empower, lift, showcase and feature the amazing people on this planet. Today is one of those days! I’m super excited to feature this guest because she has overcome great adversity. Her childhood was difficult and she could have given into the hardships. Instead, Kayla used those experiences to create the power house woman she is today and what better day to introduce her to my audience than on St. Patrick’s Day.

St Patrick's Day (feast day of St. Patrick), the patron saints of Ireland, was born in the late 4th century. He was kidnapped at the age of 16 and brought to Ireland as a slave. He escaped but returned to convert the Irish to Christianity. By the time of death on March 17, 0461, he had established monasteries, churches and schools. Many legends told by the people had transformed St. Patrick’s Day into a largely secular holiday, meaning, not religious. Today, St. Patrick's Day represents all things green & lucky.

I feel like this holiday encompasses today's blog guest perfectly. Not only has Kayla turned her unfortunate life experiences around for the greater good, she also gives back to her community in many ways.

Welcome to this special St. Patrick's Day JOLO Lifestyle Blog Feature. I'm thrilled to have you join this platform. Not only do you landscape and make houses, businesses and building look gorgeous, you also have the gift of turning grass the most luscious colour of green. But, what does luck have to do with it? If you’re anything like me, I don’t believe in luck. I believe in hard work, dedication and putting yourself out there. You see, luck doesn’t come out to find us. We need to open the door to possibilities and opportunities; essentially creating our own “luck" and I feel that's exactly what you did and continue to do. Let’s start at the beginning. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, thank you for hosting me on your blog today. My name is Kayla, I own a landscape company that provides garden and lawn services to the Hamilton and surrounding areas. I have been in business 3 years and happily going on the 4th working season this 2020 year.

I love asking this question because the responses I get are always diverse and fascinating. Describe yourself in one word.


Yes! I think that describes you perfectly. Persisting in existence and not easily dispelled shines through your personality and your business model. You once struggled (as most of us have) and came out the other side a much stronger, independent woman. How have you used those “life moments” to propel you into the career you’re in now?

When I started my first landscape job, it wasn’t planned, I just finished school and was offered a job so I went for it. I never realized how much I would fall in love with what I was doing and I was also really good at it.

I guess you could say you are one of the lucky ones that was able to find their passion and turn it into a career quickly. I know that I absolutely love all things creative and have expressed it through the many books I have published. I also feel our passions evolve and expand as we get older and have experienced more. Did you experience an epiphany while working in the field or did you know you would eventually open your own landscaping company?

Unfortunately, a time came where my boss become very ill and told us he would no longer be able to run his company anymore. It broke my heart. He was an amazing boss I loved going to work every day, working with the people that were there and doing what I did. I had to make some choices for myself and ultimately do what was best for me. It was at that time I decided to take the leap and open my own landscape company because it's what I loved doing and I knew I was good at it. I knew that was what would truly make me happy. My boss, at the time, gave me his blessing and continued to mentor me up until his passing.

That must have been difficult for you. I'm sorry for your loss. In what way have you grown since opening your own business?

I'm learning and growing every day and that will never stop. Every year there's something new to try or add to my list of services as I grow. A lot of customers ask me to make suggestions for them so I'm always looking up new trends and different ideas I can share with them. They really appreciate that extra effort. I'm also not afraid to take customers suggestions and ideas and implement them.

Leadership requires someone with clear vision, integrity, honesty and clear focus. When I expanded my platform to offer content on how to create and launch a successful online business, all of these traits played a major role in how others perceive me; especially when I was first launching. With any business or service, online or otherwise, leadership is fundamental. Tell me about your leadership style. What makes you good at direction others?

From being an employee to becoming a business owner has defiantly made me a better leader for sure. I never forget where I came from. I work every day beside my employees doing exactly what they are doing, I would never ask anyone to do something I wouldn't do or expect anyone to do something they felt unsafe doing. I treat people how I would want to be treated. I know some days are hard especially in the mid summer heat so I try to accommodate everyone with appreciate breaks and cold drinks. We cannot work when it's raining so when the weather is nice, we have to be out there as much as we can even if it means longer days.

How do you handle unsatisfied customers? I mean, lets be real. It is damn near impossible to please everyone, but yet, we always try.

I handle unsatisfied customers with respect if they are not happy with something, I will fix it, before I finish every job I ask my customers to come outside to have a look around at everything and make sure that they are happy with my work before I leave or ask them for any sort of payment. Happy customers make a happy successful business.

What have you learned about yourself during the past year?

I've learned that anything is possible when you invest into yourself. I know it sounds cliche but when you apply yourself, you're able to make things happen. Owning a business means trying to keep every single customer happy. With all the effort you put into building your business, you will still run into the odd customers that will be unsatisfied with your work, no matter what you do. Some people will try to take advantage of you for free work and that is where my experience with people skills comes. Having to read between the lines and figure out when someone is being unfair to my business can be difficult to decipher from a genuine complaint. The difference between hard work and knowing when to cut my losses lies somewhere in between.

Are you still learning and growing?

Absolutely! I don't think personal growth and learning ever ends. Learning is the foundation of growth.

Congratulations on your new season and expansion. From what I know, you are already packed with new and repeat clients. Do you advertise your businesses or is it strictly word of mouth?

Each year we gather new clients by referrals, word of mouth and social media advertisement. My customer list mostly grows organically through word of mouth by all of my happy customers. They are happy to share their before and after pictures. I look forward to expanding more when the time is right and I'm able to make some bigger equipment purchases. This will allow my business to expand our services further and to cut roll over time down. As I grow, I just keep adding to the list!

Every year, for 3 years straight you’ve won the Readers’ Choice Platinum Award. You've also successfully completed the YWCA Women's Entrepreneurship Program and received a Certificate of recognition, congratulations. I know how hard it is to get recognized as a "good" company let alone a platinum company with outstanding service. Your business Facebook Page excels with reviews, consistently holding a 4.6/5 star rating. What is one thing that you do that you feel sets you apart from your competition.

Thank you. I can't pinpoint anything in particular but I can tell you that I ensure my customers get exactly what they asked for...and always a bit more. I feel customer service and excellent job quality makes the difference in everything we do.

This type of work is very physical. You need to work in all types of weather, terrain and with a whole slew of insects. Obviously it’s what you love to do, but what is your biggest motivator to get out there and combat all the elements daily?

I love what I do. It's that simple. My passion and love for landscaping doesn't feel like a chore or a job. To love what you do is motivation in itself.

Thank you for taking this time out of your busy schedule. I look forward to watching your business grow.

How can others contact / follow you?

Facebook: Kayla’s Landscape Services


Phone: (905) 966-2343

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