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Back To School Plant To Help With Memory? It's True.

Who would have thought that a plant could assist with your memory?

Growing up, I watched my Mother take care of house plants and even dabble in the garden for fresh produce but never did I think that a plant could help with memory. Plants have a great reputation for purifying the air in our homes and with Adults using up to 550 L of oxygen a day, the more plants, the better.

But what about the type of plant and how does our memory factor into it?

Succulents have long been overlooked when it comes to houseplants and yet, the benefits of having a few in your home are tremendous. Keeping them in a good light source, rotating them and offering some water when the soil is dry is all they really need to thrive.

In fact, a study from the University of Michigan revealed many cognitive benefits when interacting with nature including memory retention improvements up to 20%. Improved memory retention is pertinent to learning and school performance, so it's a great idea to place succulents in your learning space at home when homeschooling or any space your children typically do their school work.

But these succulents are not just for improved memory. There are many benefits to having these plants in your home, office and work spaces. Above the obvious of brightening up your living space with its beauty, they can help purify the air by emitting water vapors and in turn, pulls contaminated air down into their roots ultimately converting those contaminants into plant food.

When I first met Nicole Christian in a Facebook Group we both belong to, I was thrilled to learn she was the creator and founder of Flower and Stone; a Hamilton based earth friendly business dedicated to up-cycled Chakra pots that grow, you guessed it, succulents. Needless to say, I contacted her immediately to get my hands on one of these beauties for my own home. Nicole directed me to her Instagram Page, Flower and Stone, where I could see her work and witness the abundance of creativity and love she puts into her craft. Each pot is created and designed uniquely different, which I love! When my succulent arrived, I instantly fell in love with it's beauty. My personal Chakra succulent pot is an up-cycled glass yogurt container, wrapped with twine with the most incredible natural amethyst chevron gemstone attached to the front. This stone is strongly linked to the third eye, offering clarity and a connection to the higher self. For me, it's perfect! There are many stones to chose from Nicole's vast collection. Her Instagram Page is loaded with an abundance of choice designs, colours and options.

Did you know, succulents can also enhance the humidity of your home; improving with common health complaints like sore throat, dry cough, common colds and dry itchy skin?According to a study by the University of Kansas, less pain medication was needed when patients had plants in their hospital rooms; gaining popularity and support form horticultural therapy that plants helped cube pain.

Succulents also double as excellent gift ideas, especially for those hard to buy for friends and family members. It's the perfect gift for someone who has everything. I mean, you can never have enough succulents right?

Having a party soon? Use a succulent arrangement as your table centerpiece. It's sure to quickly become the topic of conversation.

Trendy Brides are even using these plants in their wedding flower arrangements and I've even seen them being used as party favours for kids birthday parties. Perfect for us Mom's who want to teach our young children how to care for their belongings. Succulents are among the easiest plants to care for; setting your kids up for success.

Of course affordability play a huge role in why these plants are a household must! Ranging anywhere from $8 to $50, these plants are an excellent option for any household looking to add more flare, colour and energy into their space. Take a look at Nicole's Facebook Page, Flower and Stone for vase and pot designs and price points.

With a 5 star Facebook rating, there Chakra succulents will be sure to add value to your space and energy.


Hi, I'm Nicole, and I'm a Hamilton based musician, songwriter and educator. A short while ago I started Flower and Stone after buying a package of Riviera yogurt. The yogurt comes in really cute little glass jars, and being an upcycler-, there was no way I could toss them in recycling. So instead I wrapped one in twine,and added a natural gemstone from my collection and a succulent, and Flower and Stone was born.

I try to keep everything about my business as close to earth friendly as possible. The jars are all lovingly donated by the community (which is obviously an awesome community, because I have close to 100 jars collected right now in my sun room). The gemstones I get from one of two metaphysical stores within walking distance from my house on Ottawa Street. My succulents are sustainably and locally grown at Houweling Greenhouses a short drive away. My packaging is also biodegradable and/or upcycled; I use tissue paper and plastic containers from produce to get your Chakra pot to you safe and sound.

Chakra pots are all about connection to your community, balance in life and energy through growth. As well as Chakra pots, I also make agate slice planters, and custom order Milagro pots (inspired by Mexican milagro art traditions).

Follow Flower and Stone Online:

Facebook @ Flower and Stone

Instagram @ Nicole Christiansmith


Website: Flower and Stone - Hometown Hub

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