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5 Ways To Be More Confident During Covid-19 Restrictions

I believe women get better as they get older. Besides becoming wiser, stronger and better looking, I feel confidence has a huge impact on this process. Covid-19 restrictions can sometimes make being confident a challenge but it is not impossible.

But what makes a woman more confident?

In my opinion, there are 5 fundamental ways to become more confident even during covid-19 restrictions. First, I feel like you need to surround yourself with a good support system. If you've read my book Lush & Luxe; Powered by Positivity, you know I talk a lot about finding your "tribe" or surrounding yourself with like minded people but it goes way beyond that. Finding a solid group of people who are genuine and uplifting makes a world of difference with your confidence. Knowing you have a support team that is rooting for your success and not trolling for your failure makes a world of difference. Like many others, finding online support groups, creating online empowering circles and joining online social gatherings is becoming the new normal.

Being part of an online Femmepreneur group is exactly how I met Tareca; owner/operator of Kandiilash. With a few things in common, we hit it off instantly and a new friendship was born. I learned that she has always loved the beauty industry, she's also an Entrepreneur and recently she decided to take a chance on herself. She radiates confidence and I just couldn't help notice the beautiful lashes she was wearing. Of course I had to ask her about them and I learned that her company Kandiilash had recently moved into the Hamilton area and that she was trying to find her footings in a new community. Immediately I was drawn to her "why" and that is when I discovered she was unable to wear lash extensions. For every problem, there is a solution so Tareca turned the problem she was experiencing into a solution by created her own brand of mink strip lashes. Kandiilash offers a plethora of strip mink lashes to choose from. I'm certain you will fall in love with a few styles just as I had. Some of my favorites include "Lover" and "Spanish Girl" which I excitedly modelled on my Instagram Stories the moment I put them on (I'll get into that later). First, I want to talk more about confidence and how you can easily up your confidence level; even during a pandemic.

Wearing mink Kandiilash "Spanish Girl" code 807

My second fundamental method to confidence is to focus on the journey and not just the end goal. Confidence doesn't come easy to me; even though some may disagree. My confidence has always been a journey. When we can focus on the journey, we discover the beauty in the process. It's one of the main reasons I write a joy list every night before I sleep. Not only can I physically see all that I am grateful for, I also get to celebrate all that I have accomplished in a day. Adding confidence to every step of your journey helps to define your goal and celebrate all your success, not just the end goal. And, what better way to help celebrate the journey than with a great set of mink lashes to help you look as good as you feel.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying you have to look good in order to feel good. I'm just saying when I wear my favourite mink lashes from Kandiilash, I instantly feel glamorous which in turn makes me feel gorgeous & unstoppable. Feeling good is an instant confidence boost. When my mindset is positive, my demeanor follows suit and that's a total confidence win!

With confidence needing constant nurturing, it's important to stay grounded with a ritual. Something that you can fall back on to exercise those feel good hormones that help keep our confidence in check. I personally like mantra's. Here are a few of my favourite confidence building mantras:

I believe in myself

Today I will take a small step toward my goal

I am enough, I do enough, I have enough

Mistakes are mini miracles that help build on my success

Of course chanting these mantras with a gorgeous pair of lashes on elevates this process to a whole new level. Don't exit this blog just yet. Hear me out! We are talking confidence after all, and what better way to exercise and strengthen your confidence than to recite a positive mantra to yourself while looking and feeling great about yourself.

Think about it for a moment. If you've ever worn a pair of lashes, you'll know that when you put them on, you are instantly transformed into a higher vibration. Your lashes are on fleek, you are subconsciously standing taller, your outfit looks that much better and BAM, selfie mode kicks in and your posting on social with all the best tag lines.

Okay, maybe that's just me. But, Honni, it took me many years of elevating my self confidence to this next level of fabulous and I'm not wasting a moment of it on any negativity. Try it! Try chanting your favourite mantra while looking in the mirror as you would on any given day and then try it with a gorgeous set of mink lashes from Kandiilash! Girl, it's next level Boss....Bible!

Wearing mink Kandiilash "Lover" code 802

To keep your confidence in high vibe mode you need to celebrate ALL the joys, big and small. There's something to be said about breaking out into a happy dance to celebrate even the smallest joys.

Pre Covid, I've been known to break out in a happy dance at the grocery store because I landed an acting spot I auditioned for. Now, I'm always dancing around my house. In fact, I started dancing for 5 minutes in the morning while brushing my teeth. Apparently you get a much greater release of endorphins when you dance than other forms of exercise. Who knows! It was trending on social so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Can't hurt, right?

For me, celebratory dancing is also about staying connected with gratitude. Gratitude is a total game changer when it comes to confidence. Celebrating the small joys is part of the process.

Once you start to style your mind for confidence, before you know it, you will find yourself celebrating more happier moments than ever before. This powerful mindset makeover is fierce and it all starts with you! You can do it because you have the power to make anything happen. You are the one in control of your happy dance. So flex those dance moves with your favourite pair of dancing shoes (and your mink lashes of course) and get your confidence jiving. Yes, my lashes give me that kind of confidence. Knowing I can style my fashion, makeup and accessories the way I style my mind is everything to me. As Beyoncé once said, "The world will see you the way you see you, and treat you the way you treat yourself." Now THAT is powerful! Always treat yourself with love & respect and a good set of lashes (wink, wink, blink, blink).

Wearing mink Kandiilash "Xxtra" code 806

My last tip to gaining explosive confidence and probably the most important of them all is to make confidence a priority, starting now! But, be aware. You can't force confidence. You can try but you'll probably feel weird and maybe even a little awkward. But, sometimes stepping out of your element is exactly what you need to get to the changes you desire.

It's important to practice being confident. Ya, sounds strange, I know! Confidence needs to grow in steps. It takes small changes to help nurture a healthy confidence level. This is why I used my personal experience with wearing Kandiilash's mink strip lashes as an example.

For me, as soon as I apply my mink strip lashes, I feel a surge of instant confidence. I feel like I can conquer teaching my online blogging classes with more professionalism. I look good, which in turn makes me feel good. This feel good vibe offers me more confidence which in turn allows me to teach others with pride and leadership. When I can lead my online business class with good energy and confidence, my students can easily view me as a professional. See, it's not just about a great set of lashes, but they sure do make a huge impact.

Granted, false lashes may not be for everyone but who's to say it won't help? You really don't know until you give it a try. I've heard people say "Ya, I can never apply them properly so I don't bother" or "I'm not going out anywhere so why bother." Now, it takes some practice applying them and a great lash glue is key but just like building confidence, you have to practice to make progress. A little investment can make a huge difference. Investing in ourselves both mentally and physically is a good way to shift our confidence into the next level. Whether we are going out or staying home, confidence should always be worn. After all, it's not about what others think of you, rather what you think and feel about yourself that is important. So go ahead, treat yourself to some Kandiilash strip mink lashes today. Wear them with full confidence knowing you are worthy enough of great things and fearless enough to not care what others think! Slay Bae.


Tareca is a 25 year old beauty enthusiast, She decided to start her own beauty & lash company because she preferred to wear strip lashes over other lash methods. She was certain if she felt that way, others did too.

Kandiilash was founded with lashes in mind but has since grown to include lash accessories and cleaners as well as lip-gloss; made from natural products.

Because Lash Babes wanted more, Kandiilash will soon be offering tooth gems! It's a total beauty game changer currently starting to trend all over social media.

Having access to beauty on a budget is exactly why Kandiilash provides quality beauty products at affordable prices.

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