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How to make your Monday feel like a Friday

Hello gorgeous and happy Monday! Isn't it great to have that Friday feeling, even on a Monday? Do you know the feeling I'm talking about? That feeling of the whole weekend ahead of you to do whatever makes you feel awesome? Isn’t it time to make your Mondays feel just as great?

Things have been blissfully hectic over here at the VIVOLOg HQ and let me tell you girl, the feels are on high vibe!! Well, mostly high vibe. You see, we all have setbacks and obstacles to overcome (no one is immune) and I've had my share this week alone. Between my computer dying right in the middle of a brand new skincare business start-up and having a foundation leak, I've managed to still beast through my daily jog, get all my weekly meal prep done, ship out a bunch of personalized book orders, and even play Uber to my oldest son. And, that's just the tip of a gazillion things I've done this week alone. Check out my Instagram Stories if you want a daily peek into my everyday life.

I've also tackled a bunch of things on my "need to do but haven't gotten around to it yet" list like working on my 6th book; in which I’m eagerly waiting to get it to production. I’ve also had the pleasure in auditioning for a couple print ads and a television series, I got some Christmas shopping done (yes, it's early, I know, but my list to buy for is huge!).

I've made a guest appearance on the Sam Cook Live show that aired on Cable 14, I took my kids out trick-or-treating (despite the downpour of rain) and squeezed in another radio interview with Brian Crombie from sauga960am. All of that hustle and bustle got me thinking about those Friday feels because everyday feels like Friday to me. It doesn't matter if it's Sunday, Wednesday or even a rainy Monday...everyday offers a new and exciting experience for me.

You see, I've designed the life I'm living and I love each moment of it. I'm the one who calls the shots in my schedule. I'm the one who gets to decide how my Monday plays out and I'm the one who is in total control of it all.

But, let me tell you, it didn't happen overnight! One by one, piece by piece, I built the type of life I wanted to live. I decided that I owned each and every one of my days and that I get to be the CEO of my life. And, because I've created this "working" life that excites me, I'm able to embrace and enjoy each and every Monday.

If you've followed me for a while now, you know that I left my corporate job to stay home and raise my children. During that time, I wrote and published a book (or 5), founded, created and monetized a successful blog, started influence work, created online courses to show ALL you amazing ladies how you can turn your big dreams into reality with a little hard work. On top of writing books, public speaking and private coaching, I've also pursued an acting career, (something I've always dreamed of doing). I've invested in myself with a life coach, and recently teamed up with 2 well known doctors in the beauty industry to expand on an amazing skincare line. Over and above all of that, I'm expanding my real estate investment portfolio. I mean wow, right?

So how do you get that Friday feeling everyday? Well, by investing in yourself one day at a time, one opportunity at a time and one venture at a time. Far too often we get caught in the circle of taking care of everyone else that we barely have any time to take care of our own needs. Trust, I started to fall down that rabbit hole when I first left my corporate job. It's one of the main reasons I was so motivated to write and publish my own books. I didn't want to lose myself to motherhood alone. I wanted the best of both worlds so, I took my dreams and claimed at a time, while raising my children. I claimed ownership of my wants and took action and that is exactly what I'm asking you to do too.

If you want to write a book, do it now! If you want to work on being a healthier version of yourself, get started girlfriend! If you want to create another platform for your work or your brand, do it today! If you're looking for an additional stream of income, stop waiting and start doing it! If you've been sitting on a dream or a life wish, seek it out immediately! Life waits for nobody and the only person stopping you from making it all happen is YOU!

Life doesn't happen until you open yourself to it. Make it happen for yourself! That's what thousands of ladies & gents have done already with my exclusive online class, Boss Your Business. Each one of my students said yes to themselves (finally) and decided that their wants and needs were a priority in their life. Each and every one of these "Goal Getters" committed to investing in themselves and their business ideas and you should too! They took the time to learn how to make their business ideas a reality. They took what they learned from my online course, followed my step by step plan and executed it! It won't happen if you're just thinking about it. It only happens when you act on it! Your time is now.

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Always with high vibes and Monday excitement,