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HOUSEWIVES OF VANCOUVER is returning for Season 3?

Or, is it The Real Housewives of Toronto that is returning?

It's rumoured that one of either RHOT or RHOV will be returning for another season but, it's still up in the air as to which one it will be. 

I met with RHOV star Ronnie Stevenson at the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto this past week to catch up on all things Housewives. We dished on what some of The Housewives are doing now, who brought the drama and who didn't as well as the possible startup of a new season.

Straight off a flight from Montreal, Ronnie beamed with beauty and sparkled with sass. After playing around with some Snap filters, we discussed tough topics including Ronnie's journey to sobriety, family trouble & triumphs, relationships, reunions, friends & enemies and can I tell you...Ronnie stepped it up big time!!! We also talked about Ronnie's Fabulous Feature in my newest book Femme Fabulous, alongside fellow 'Housewives' star Vicki Gunvalson, the OG of The Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC). Ronnie even signed a select few copies. Take a look at the book HERE!

Originally, we were scheduled to have a lunch meeting with Joan Kelley Walker (RHOT) but it ended up being a fun filled afternoon of gossip, laughter and future possibilities with only Ronnie and me. With Joan’s upcoming Fall Fashion Show and a packed schedule filled with contractor meetings and other looming deadlines, Joan was not able to join us that day but, that didn't stop Ronnie and I from enjoying the afternoon together.

We toyed with the idea of inviting Toronto 'Housewives' star Roxy Earl, a.k.a Luxurious Roxy to join us for lunch but quickly decided against it. Our reasons for skipping out on the invite will be on a whole new blog post. Make sure you're subscribed to my mailing list. You do NOT want to miss that blog when it drops! 

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform, you know that it’s not unusual for me to be chilling with one of the `Wives` at any given day of the week. 2 days after lunching with my girl Ronnie, I walked the runway for the 9th Edition of the International Fashion Encounter (International Designer Showcase) Canadian Edition in association with Toronto Fashion Academy at the Toronto Event Centre for the Joan Kelley Walker Fall Collection. (Phew, that was a mouthful!). 

Joan Kelley Walker and I became friends a few years ago and have remained in constant contact since. I adore her fashion line and her deep passion for giving back. Her fashion line is exclusive to and for every piece purchased, Joan donates a portion of the sale to the Breakfast Club of Canada. I mean, how can you not LOVE supporting this?

Of all the Housewives shows, of course I'm rooting for one of the Canadian show to come back...duh! The question is, should it be RHOV or RHOT? I personally have a love for both shows and hold friendships with many of the girls from both cities but Lark Productions will ultimately decide who gets to comes back. There's no denying there are definite pros and cons to both shows. Vancouver aired for 2 seasons whereas Toronto only aired 1 giving Vancouver a leg up on viewership bonds BUT, I also think Vancouver brought more to the show and ratings. I’m hoping production will consider combining East & West, casting 2 of their main (and best) Housewives from each city and introducing 2 new Housewives (whom also have relationships with different Housewives across the globe) and most importantly, not afraid to call out the bullshit (Ahem...maybe me?). 

Anyone who is a fan of The Housewives from anywhere knows that it's the drama that keeps the viewers locked in and watching. This is what Vancouver or Toronto Housewives need! I mean, have you watched this season of RHOC??? It's that kind of television that glues viewers to their screens and wanting more! I'm even anxiously waiting to watch next week's episode. 

Okay, so I want to hear from you and pass your suggestions and comments onto the production team. Do you want to see Vancouver or Toronto come back OR do you think it's a great idea to combine East & West together?

I cant wait to hear your feedback.

Always with strong universe vibes and the greatest reality scoop,