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Sports, Styles & Stars with Saverina Scozzari

I admit, I occasionally jump onto the sports playoff bandwagon...just because the element of the game is heightened and it's a great way to connect with my sports loving children.

Just last year, for my son's 16th birthday, we took off to the Little Caesars Arena to watch the Detroit Pistons vs Oklahoma City Thunder. What an amazing experience! I mean, we had THE time of our lives! From the VIP lounge to sitting courtside and just a few feet away from Russell Westbrook and Paul George was enough to send my excitement meter into the danger zone. Like seriously, are sports games always this fun and entertaining? Well, for some people it is, regardless of the seat selection or stadium location!

Recently, I had the pleasure to interview someone who adores sports just as much as I adore fashion. Although I would love to think that we instantly connected over hockey and basketball, the truth is, we connected on a few hundred other topics including fashion, food, television shows, music, and entertainment. She's like an old spirit living her best life, encased in youth and beauty. Her name is Saverina. Although, many people want to shorten her name to "Sav" she prefers being called by her full name.

Witty, charming and intelligent, this 22 year old has already accomplished more than most people her age. Her bio reads typical to a young girl her age; loves loud music, Starbucks, the Mall and grub...better known as fast food, tv shows, yoga and friends. And then there it is! That one element of surprise; the part where she declares her love for reading sports memoirs. But that's not all. Her bio is packed with impressive accomplishments and ongoing acclamations.

Saverina is the Brand Ambassador for The Hamilton Bulldogs, the founder and creator of The Saverina Scozzari Collective, as well as Branding and PR Player Representative at Forty4 Concierge.

As if that in itself is not impressive enough, Saverina has also appeared on TMZ Live as a guest correspondent and worked as an on-air personality and producer at Cable 14 Hamilton and even internerned for musical artist Jully Black

So how did this amazing woman accomplish so much, so fast? Well, she dove right into it with both feet. It all started at the age of 14 when she decided to launch her own blog. Naturally, by the age of 16, Saverina pitched her YouTube show, "The Saverina Show" as a possible TV show on her local cable network which ultimately got picked up. Saverina described this opportunity as one of her top 3 stand out life moments. That one cable show led to other hosting opportunities which included working behind the scenes on Cable 14's affiliate magazine show "Hamilton Life" as well as their food show "Hamilton Eats."

Here's where I need to take a breath because there's still more! Saverina was a contributing writer for HuffPost; delivering opinion pieces on each of their award shows. With her playful and sometimes sarcastic tone, Saverina describes this time as the most wonderful time of year, (aside from the holiday season and NHL playoffs).

As I sat across the table from her in a crowded Starbucks, I just knew she was strong willed and eager to chase every single dream she had. And, I really admired that. Self empowerment shining brighter than the stars themselves, we sipped on our coffee and shared our past experiences in media and our dream jobs. Saverina's eyes glistened at the very mention of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and it's no wonder seeing as she is a huge fan of hockey itself. In fact, she's currently handling endorsement deals, branding partnerships and media appearances for Montreal Canadiens NHL player Nate Thompson along side Forty4 Concierge & former NHLer and Hockey Hall of Famer Doug Gilmour. Her dream job literally unfolding in front of her own eyes.

Saverina admits she does not have any formal education in journalism or broadcasting however, that never stopped her from accepting the guidance and tools needed for this type of work from the amazing people she met at Cable 14. Each of them equally excited to show her the ropes, she gladly soaked it all in. Her experience with community television and their volunteer programs exposed Saverina to the hands on experience she considers equivalent to post secondary school. But, her love for sports didn't start there.

Reflecting back on her internship with Jully Black, Saverina shares her memories of sitting in the dressing room while Jully got ready for her show and joining her and her dancers in a prayer circle before going on stage. Memories she will always cherish. Saverina does not look at her internship time with Jully as work, but rather a gift and a blessing. Her work (a.k.a blessing), consisted of breaking down the meaning of Jully's lyrics for a Facebook series called "#WarriorWednesdays."

So, how did this passion, dedication and work ethic start? At the age of 14, Saverina embraced her passion for sports & lifestyle and started her very own blog. Over the years, she nurtured her blog and watched it grow; recently taking this summer to transition her blog from an entertainment focus to more of a sports and lifestyle focus. Saverina is determined on sharing more of who Athletes are as people rather than their sports status and accomplishments and considers her blog rebranding as a direct reflection of her own personal growth story. Already having a huge lineup of interviewees, Saverina is excited to relaunch her Blog this coming September. Watch for her all time favourite interview with current NHL player Ryan Reaves of the Vegas Golden Knights. It's a must read!

Describing her health as a rollercoaster, Saverina has had to live with kidney disease since birth. Recently experiencing some health issues, she knows the importance of chasing every one of her dreams while keeping her kidneys stable and managing her anxiety/depression. Having already participating in a social media campaign with the Kidney Foundation, she hopes to team up with them on future projects.

Living her best life is not an option, rather a must. As a reminder and celebration to herself, Saverina recently purchased a beautiful black diamond ring. She wears this gem everyday as a constant reminder that her hard work, dedication and sometimes rejection is all worth it in the end.

Watch for Saverina's new blog "The Saverina Scozzari Collection" coming this September or follow her on social media:

Twitter: @SaverinaTV

Instagram: @SaverinaTV

Facebook: @TheSSCollective

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Photo Credit: Chantal Berkhout

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