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Empower Yourself!

In a world filled with snide remarks and tear down tactics, I felt myself shifting. Shifting in a direction where I could play a part in empowerment and giving more attention to being authentic. There is something to be said about authenticity. I'm not talking about being real with just yourself (although equally important), I'm talking about being authentic with empowerment. The kind of support everyone needs from time to time. Yes, even those who seem to be successful with everything they touch. I'm talking about self-starting power babes who truly know the what it mean to push themselves to the limit and beyond because they believe in their passion and want to grow without any of the fake chatter trying to take them down.

I'm blessed to have a plethora of REAL empowering women in my life who love to super-boost my ideas and truly root for my success. And, by "root" I mean elevate me and my platform, support the magic of my journey, celebrate my victories, amplify my vision, embody my adventures and really back me up!

I mean, let's push past the shade, side eyes and backstabbing for a moment and talk about what it truly means to support someone. There are ladies out there who push super hard each and every day because they absolutely LOVE what they do. Their passion is stronger than their success and yet, they continue through all the learning curves, mistakes and negative feedback. They continue to chase their dream, build on their strengths, gain confidence and claiming their right to own the success they worked so damn hard for.

But then, some keyboard bully surfaces in a social posts and uses dagger sharp language in an attempt to knock them off their success ladder. They trigger thoughts of self-doubt and get you thinking about your worth, your purpose, your journey and why you're nurturing a passion that hasn't lived up to another person's meaning of success. (Anyone feel me on this?).

And then, one of your vibe raising Queens, you happen to call a friend, comes along and gently places you back into your path of passion.

I'm blessed enough to know a few of these Vibe Raising Queens. Some of these ladies landed in the pages of my best selling books.

Vibe raising Queens like Lea Black (known for being a cast member in the hit show The Housewives of Miami) instantly agreed to take part in my book Lush & Luxe. I first met Lea when she learned I was an Author on twitter. She had her team send me a signed copy of her own newly published book, Red Carpets and White Lies, and instantly order my debut novel, Too Close To Almost. She proudly posted a picture on all her social media accounts (as shown above) holding MY book. She did this even though she herself had just released her own debut novel. It was that moment I knew I had to be friends with this empowering Queen. A Queen who promotes and empowers someone else even if they are launching at the same time.

Lea has featured me on her podcast and Facebook Live show (Lunch with Lea) many times (watch it HERE) and to this day, she continues to support the growth and circulation of ALL my books including Protect Me Not, A Housewives Guide To Blogging and most recently Femme Fabulous.

This strong empowering force often promotes my work (even if she's not featured in it). (Check it out HERE)

Then there is Ronnie Stevenson, from The Real Housewives of Vancouver who literally embraced my Femme Fabulous book with open arms. She loved being involved with the message of empowerment so much, she made sure to gift a copy of Femme Fabulous to everyone on her Christmas list. She even posted a beautiful message about the gift of empowerment on her Instagram page. See the video HERE.

Let's not forget about Joan Kelley Walker (The Real Housewives of Toronto) who strongly believes in embracing empowerment; combining her passion of fashion with her philanthropy, she donates a portion of her clothing line sales to The Breakfast Club of Canada. Not only am I blessed to call her my friend, I'm equally honoured to be included in each of her fashion shows; walking her runway to help raise funds for charity. Her work goes well beyond her clothing line.

Her friendship is a blessing and she has single handedly helped empower my work and my message when she agreed to be featured in my book Femme Fabulous. If you've ever wanted to wear designer clothing at affordable prices, you need to pick out some items from her line; exclusive to Walmart Canada.

But today, I want to focus solely on a woman I look up to on a daily basis. A woman who's been through so much, yet continues to strive without hesitation. A woman I'm grateful to have held a friendship with for a few decades now. She's not just my friend, she also a mentor. You might even know her! Her name is Sam Cook and I can personally I tell you, she's the perfect definition of empowerment.

I can't wait for you to read all about her in my upcoming blog post.

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Until then, stay amazing!

Always with great vibes and empowering ways,