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Having a Shitty Day!

Hello my amazing friends. I wanted to pop into your space quickly and offer a little insight to my shitty day. I'm not sharing my tribulations to bring you down, rather leaning to the upside.

You see, part of this shitstorm of a day that I'm having has also gifted me with an epiphany. Through my cyclone of less than perfect day, I came to realize that I have a tendency to only share in all my positive events, awesome opportunities, gratitude moments and even life inspiring gifts. I've been failing you as a friend, an influencer, a blogger, an author and even a mentor. That is exactly why I wanted to send this out to you today, without delay.

I know my day will get better. I know the things going wrong right now will not last forever and I especially know that my bad day does not define me as a person. What I do know is that all of us have bad days. All of us feel miserable and disappointed once in a while. It's not always rainbows and sunshine (although that would be nice), but it's just not reality.

Some of you might follow me on Instagram, and if you do, thank you! You may notice that I'm shifting. I've started to include the reality of my day. I'm posting my ups, and also my lows. Because, what would be the point if I didn't share my entire authentic self.

So what triggered this shift? In short, a social media comment. One of my followers commented on my InstaStory. I'm certain it was a comment that came from the heart, but when I read it, it triggered a thought. I'm not sure if it was because I was having a hard day or maybe because I felt it was time to showcase myself undone. Their comment complimented my looks but what came next was the game changer for me. They said I was "PERFECT."

Now, I know this person was genuine in their comment but how I felt after reading it was anything but perfect. I woke up feeling extra tired but I pulled myself out of bed anyway. I decided to treat myself to a makeup free, hair undone, relaxed clothing kind of day. Something I do periodically but I would never appear online in such disarray. My oldest son informs me that he can't find his wallet and my tired mood instantly transforms into a bad mood. Mostly because he can never find anything unless it's flashing neon lights and making a high pitch "here I am" sound. Being down this "I can't find my..." road about a gazillion times, I immediately step into "Mom will find it" mode. A mode I am learning to disengage from.

Of course, he needs to leave for school in 10 minutes and with his driver's license in his lost wallet, this becomes a small problem. He searches his car, because he still hasn't learned that items fall out of his pockets when he sits down. Well, okay he has learned but either doesn't care or hasn't lost something of complete importance as of yet. I`m thinking this might be that one thing that forces some sense of responsibility for his belongings, but based on his reaction, (or lack of), sadly, I don`t think he completely understood what it means to lose such a valuable item. I explain that he will need to go to the ministry of transportation and get a new license and until then, he cannot drive (Mom Uber activated), and that he will need to cancel his bank card. I thought the fact that he lost his cash and all of his gift cards might have made him feel more panicked to find his wallet but his cool, unfazed personality was still shining bright.

On top of the morning drama and lost wallet, I had the chore of cleaning out the stand up freezer because the same child who lost his wallet also left the freezer door open causing all of the contents to thaw and spoil. Hundreds of dollars of food wasted.

Tonight I will enjoy a glass of wine and toast to another adventurous day knowing that the list goes on, but my shitty day does not get to dictate or define who I am as a person. Instead, I chose to burn through my anxiety, my anger, my frustration and my mood by remaining productive. I grocery shopped, I cleaned, I exercised and I searched for a lost wallet (in which I found by the way), and I shifted my energy into a more productive energy. So, when I read the comment to my perfectly polished Instagram Story, I knew I had to post my real, authentic self at that exact moment. No makeup, no styled hair, no cute outfit, no nothing. Just the raw, unpolished version of my perfectly imperfect self.

I realize that I am not doing anyone any favors by only posting polished pictures. It's time we show the world that we are not always wearing a great outfit, and that sometimes we have shitty days. My hair does not define me or my beauty. My makeup and photo finish foundation does not always mean I have no flaws. In fact, it's quite the opposite. It's time I take off the filter, reduce the polished posts and start showing you all some of my less than favourable times.

Now, I promise not to damped your day with a constant flow of shitty posts, but I do promise to show more raw moments. Thanks for understanding.

Stay amazing my friend!

With love and flaws,