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Celebrating 2019 Together

Hello Gorgeous!

The first week of January 2019 has already come and gone, can you believe it? I woke up this morning feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and fully alive. I made myself a coffee, made the kids breakfast, and decided to write you guys the most gorgeous blog to date. Today's blog is all about well wishes, happiness and life changing moves, all while celebrating all that 2019 has to offer.

As I've showcased on my VIVOLOg facebook page, and my Instagram Feed, I made a major commitment to positivity and empowering others. After years of hard work, dedication, growth and one heck of a learning curve, I’ve learned a thing or two about publishing, blogging and content creation. I've also learned to embrace mistakes, face fears and overcome objections...just to name a few.

I gained a whole new passion (and obsession) with helping other women shine bright. I've aligned with some ladies from The Real Housewives Franchise, been featured in major magazines, invited to speak to large audiences, guest appeared on a number of television shows and even starred in a few television series. Over and above that, I've guided over 8 people to get their books published! 2018 has been an amazing year and I want that for you too. What are you passionate about? What is your motivation? What's your biggest passion pusher? What power moves are you taking right now to elevate yourself and your brand? Check out the blog I wrote earlier this month on How To Slay your Side Hustle Effortlessly. I’m certain you’ll be able to pull from it.

Before we go clinking virtual glasses, first, I want to take a stroll down 2018. On social media, someone asked me if I could write a letter to 2018, what would it say? This question got me thinking. Like, really thinking. And, as I read through the comments from other people, I realized my response was extremely different then the others. Now, this is nothing new to me. My way of thinking has always been vastly different. This question had me thinking about my own 2018 journey and how it has been a major transition for me in so many ways. Most people wrote about how they are happy to ditch the year and some even threw out some foul verbiage and others shouted good riddance. For some of you, I know you can relate to this. I'm certain you've been thinking about your own resolutions, or at least what you like 2019 to bring to your table.

While our lists may be long and sometimes overwhelming, I thought I'd share a few powerful tools I personally use, and hopefully you can adopt, to help keep focused, motivated and on-track. I pick a word that resonates with me and I carry this word with me all year. A word that not only choses me but also a word that hits me in the gutt and resonates deep. 2018's word was POWER. So, right now, right here, I want you to choose a power word for yourself to bring into the New Year.

Whenever you need guidance, focus and motivation, I want you to remember your power word and redirect yourself. Allow this one word to act as your guiding star. Reference it often and allow it to be the constant reminder to your focus.

Another tool I often use when I'm focusing on making changes in my own life is actually a question. Ask yourself if you are aligning yourself with where you want to be.

Simply asking if you are aligning yourself with where you want to be can truly be your direction pointer for every situation you encounter. Let this question guide you through 2019 and watch the magic happen.

If your goal is to become a published Author, and you find yourself stuck or unsure as to how to proceed, this question can help lead you to the actions you need to make it happen. Allow this simple question to support your dream, your vision and your goals.

If your goal is to live a healthier lifestyle, and you find yourself becoming anxious and spinning with negative self talk, this question will help support your choice of becoming your best healthy self.

Holding yourself accountable with this question works!

Today, I want you to remember all your accomplishments and how great they make you feel. Hold onto that feeling and ask you ask yourself if you are aligning yourself to where you want to be. Remind yourself how great it feels to accomplish goals, big or small. This process helps build on your confidence as we move into the New Year.

Write down all the things that brought you joy. Anything from a stranger smiling at you to winning the award of a lifetime. Write it all down. You’ll be surprised at how many things you can write down once you get started.

Frame this list and put it on your bedside table. Look at your list nightly and know that your 2019 list will be just as great, if not better. Do the work, ask yourself the tough questions and enjoy the fruit of your hard work.

However you decided to spend the last few days of 2018, I hope you took the time to celebrate you. Take the time now to recognize your power, your beauty and how amazing you really are. No matter what obstacles and challenges you faced, you made it through them all! You're doing it, and thriving!! And that is everything. For those reasons alone, remember to celebrate yourself anytime of the year. Raise your glass with pride and toast to yourself knowing you're doing the best you can.

Before I shove off here, I want to remind you that you are worth everything you set out to accomplish. Feel free to invite someone you know to share in these empowering emails and blogs. If you know someone who could use a boost of positivity or needs a dose of encouragement, please send them HERE to my Newsletter. Oh, and if you want to know how I have skyrocketed my success into a whole new level of amazing, landed huge Influence contracts, appeared on multiple television shows, and even published my 5th book in 4 years...check out my GUIDE TO BLOGGING. I don’t just talk the talk, I show you exactly how to get there!

Stay amazing my friends and thank you for the fantastic year together. Tonight, let's raise a glass and toast to our daily accomplishments. Cheers!

Always with love, happiness & great health,



p.s I love you!