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Jumping into 2019 with both feet!

Can you believe there are only 3 more Fridays left before 2019!! 

I have spent the last few nights reminiscing about all the amazing things that have happened in 2018 and they didn't happen by accident.

It's easy to lose ourselves in our chaotic everyday life, so I wanted to share my top tips with you for preparing yourself for the New Year ahead so you can enter 2019 with clarity & confidence.

First and foremost, gift yourself with gratitude. I swear, it's the best gift you can ever give yourself...and it's FREE!

This past year alone, I have experienced gratitude on a whole new level. In order to do this, I needed to remove any and all expectations of myself and from others. The experience of this humbled me more than I thought was possible. I fell in love with life again and really felt the moments I was living. 

I use reflection as a personal improvement tool. When I look back on my year, I don't focus on the mistakes I've made, nor do I focus on opportunities I might have missed. Don't get me wrong, I reflect on it all, I just don't dwell on any of the negatives. Instead, I pull out learning lessons and teachable moments and try to not make them again. 

It has been an incredible year for me. I published 2 more books (check them out here), and really enjoyed the entire process. My followers have reached out to me more this year than any other year past and for that, my heart is full. I've had some memorable moments creating the content for my newest book, FEMME FABULOUS,  including the opportunity to showcase the Joan Kelley Walker Collection on the cover of my book. I also teamed up with Vicki Gunvalson from The Real Housewives of Orange County to give you an exclusive interview. I mean seriously, you're going to want to read it! I've also made new friendships with Ronnie Stevenson from The Real Housewives of Vancouver and some lovely fashion Diva's from The Store On Queen in Toronto. I have been lucky enough to mentor a beautiful lady with her writing journey, something I hold close to my heart. She doesn't know it, but I learn from her too. 

Take a look at FEMME FABULOUS and discover why this book was been placed on Lea Black’s Best Christmas Gift Giving List this year!

FEMME FABULOUS also available in Digital Download. 

If you haven't already seen the clip with Lea Black & Kelly Dodd talking about my book Femme Fabulous, check it out HERE. It's such a fun video. 

Keeping clarity in the hustle of it all was something I needed to remain mindful of, on a minute to minute basis. You see, sometimes when there are a million and one great things happening all at once, it's easy to get lost in the bustle of it all. In order to keep my head clear and really absorb the gratitude, every night before bed, I wrote a joy list. This list was really to keep myself in check and to visually see my accomplishments, awards, rewards, growth and change. It's also a great tool to go back to when you're feeling less than accomplished. 

I also grew from just writing! I was able to grow my publishing services and max out my client spots, which is something I'm super proud of. Many of you might not know this, because I don't really put it out there too much, but I help other Authors in getting their books published. I'm blessed with having knowledge in this area of writing and equally blessed to be able to share the knowledge with you! If you've ever wanted to write a book and get it published, contact me! I’m more than thrilled to help you with this process.

Just like the hundreds of people I've helped with getting their blogs started and noticed, A Housewives Guide To Getting Your Blog Started is also available through Digital Download. I get at least 3 messages a day thanking me for this straight-forward guide. It’s everything you need to get your blog started from start to finish with direct links to the tools you need to get it done. It's so simple. All the right information in the right order. Need a copy? Get one HERE.

Lastly, 2018 has taught me more about getting past self imposed limitations and kicking fear to the curb. I know you've read a few of my blogs, all addressing these exact topic but I don't just write about it, I practice is too. I come from a media background. I've worked in radio, television, communications and everything in between but I've never been super comfortable in front of the camera. This year, I faced my discomfort head on. Not only did I overcome my fear of being in front of the camera, I laughed in fears face when I booked multiple TV appearances, including CHCH Morning Live and The Being Frank Show. But of course, I didn't stop there. Anyone who knows me, knows I don't do anything half-way. I'm either in it fully or I'm not. This great attitude not only tested my fear crushing abilities, it also tried them when I found myself on a film set playing a role in a Netflix series, See No Evil. It was then I truly fell in love with my fearless self!

I didn't stop there!

I continue to make public appearances at speaking events, book launches, signing events and yes, even some Facebook Live Interview. I'm also still work in front of the camera in commercials, television series and even print ads. This is what kicking fear to the curb looks like for me! What's it going to look like for you?

My biggest tip for clarity and confidence is to embrace your journey. Learn from the mishaps, grow from the experience and try not to take everything so serious. Life is really about living. Believe in yourself and everyone else will too. 

Stay amazing my friends, and have an excellent weekend!

Always with gratitude, cheer and new confidence!