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How to SLAY your side hustle effortlessly

I hope your week has been magical so far! It's about to get even better because I've got something super cool for you. It has everything to do with reaching thousands of potential customers and zero to do with you working hard to do it. Leave that up to me babes. I got you on this!

Now, I wanted to let you know about a brand new opportunity I specifically created for you. This exclusive offer has been drastically reduced and it's being offered to you first. Claim your spot now because come Monday, I will open it up for grabs to my entire social platform. I only have 5 available spots, so, once they're gone, they are gone!

This is an opportunity for you to put yourself, your brand, your products and even your services directly in front of my following and my entire social reach!! That's over 15,000 Instagram followers, close to 10,000 Facebook followers, nearly 1000 Twitter followers, and thousands of SnapChat followers. Say WHAT? Hold the front door open baby!!


But, that' not all!

I receive countless emails a day asking me how I was able to grow my social following, land my books on the shelves of major book stores and even secure television appearances on shows like CHCH TV and The Being Frank Show. The short answer is networking. But how do you do that exactly? I mean, how does a person promote their brand to thousand upon thousand of people a day? How do you reach a vast audience when your platform might only have 1000+ followers? I'm going to give you that answer in just a moment!

In the past year, I've been interviewed by multiple magazines, appeared on different television shows and even booked a role on a Netflix series. OMG right?

I've recently fielded a ton of emails asking for help on how to grow an online business, increase brand awareness and organically grow a social platform way beyond popular expectations. With so much noise and misleading advice being thrown around the internet, it can be difficult to filter through it all and figure out which strategies actually work. Oh, and please, do not buy followers!! It's a total waste of your money and robotic followers can be spotted from a mile away.

I witnessed other people gaining quick success with their brands and services so I did what I do best. I asked a million and one questions, navigated my way through steep learning curves, cultured trial and error and then mastered it! Totally off topic here but that's exactly how & why I created A Housewives Guide To Getting Your Blog Started. I love to see people succeed!

There is no need to go through that painful and exhausting process yourself because I already did it for you! Imagine being able to channel your energy and time into things that really matter to you and your business. Stop pitching and posting content to an audience that's seen it a hundred times already. Start utilizing a new source and channels that actually work! Yup, hindsight is real!

Well, today I`m going to help you skyrocket your business directly in the front of a brand new audience!

Get instant access to my following without having to become a member or even pay thousands of dollars to obtain that reach. In fact, you don't even have to have script, copy, promotion material or dialog ready. I have you covered on that too! Think of it as having an entire stage to yourself with 25,000 or more people waiting to hear about your brand, your products and your services. I know you're smiling, I'm smiling too!

Here's what my Business Blastoff Package offers:

One step bang for your buck opportunity to build your brand foundation allowing you to explore a truly connected new community and potential new customers.

A unique opportunity to place your brand, your product and your service directly into the hands of a sparkling new audience...mine; giving your existing followers and current customers a break.

The most important thing to incorporate in order to sell your products, create authenticity and to create free value is new visibility to a new audience.

Avoid customer burnout and fatigue and set yourself up for massive success with a brand new audience. Make sure your 2019 is your best year yet and start your Business Blastoff today.

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I can't wait to share my platforms with you!

The Business Blastoff package includes the following:

A feature on (The JOLO Lifestyle Blog).

Direct brand placement on with an interactive link to your website or social platform, including a picture of your logo, website or brand.

A shout-out campaign designed specifically for you and your brand with exclusive distribution to all of Joanne's social media accounts including, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; reaching 25,000+ followers.

3 dedicated Facebook posts curtailed specifically to you and your brand.

3 Instagram stories post/mentions with direct tags to your social handle.

An opportunity to provide product and/or marketing for one of Joanne`s upcoming Book Signing Events.

A Business Blastoff specific email sent to Joanne's entire email list.

Don't miss this opportunity to expand your reach, grow your audience and gain access to new customers. I want to see you succeed!

With love, success and growth vibes!



p.s. If you skipped to the bottom of this email, you're my kind of rebel!

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Bam, Boom, Done!