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When Your Work Is Not Work Because You LOVE What You Do

I ran into a friend at the mall the other day. Happily, this was the second time in a week running into her while out shopping. We have been talking about making plans to get together for over 2 years now, and sadly, our shopping run-ins have been the only catch up we've managed to get. Trying to stay true to "living in the moment," I invited her to sit with me on the bench in the middle of the mall corridor. The mall was busy with frantic shoppers, all rushing to get a start on their holiday shopping, but I chose to take a personal time out and be present in conversation. Setting my "to do list" aside, my friend and I got a chance to connect, even if it was only 20 minutes.

Our children and their sudden growth spurts being out typical topic was no different than any other conversation we've had in the past, but what caught my attention was her question on how I managed to do it all. The fact that I wrote and published 3 books this year alone was reference enough to my packed schedule but recently I've added more media appearances, print interviews, voice over work and acting to my endless list of "want to do and accomplish." Her question had me reflecting on what was my driving force that encompassed it all. Everyone has the right to live their life any which way they choose, and I never really gave it much thought on how the way I live my life was viewed by others. I'm sure from the outside, and through my social media platform it looks like it's all glitz, glamour and gala's, but there are also many hours of not so glamour Mom jobs.

Although I love being a Mom, there are many hours spent on keeping the house clean, getting laundry done, tidying up after my kids, grocery shopping, meal prep & cooking, packing lunches, countless hours in the car shuttling my kids to basketball, tennis, swimming lessons, birthday parties, dentists, doctors, school and even driving lessons. Yup, I said it, my oldest son is now a licensed driver! A Mom's job is never really done. As the daytime hours are consumed with chores, the evening is equally booked with homework, projects, piano lessons, snuggle up and read, bath time, school bag packing, bedtime tuck ins and Elf On The Shelf duties. Just when you think the sandman will deliver on a dream, one of the kids decides is a great time to wake you up. The reasons for this are endless. I mean seriously...endless. Recently, it's to see who can find the Elf first. These 4:30 am wake-up are really starting to get on my last Mommy nerve.

When I'm not busy being the CEO of my house or playing Uber for my kids, you can find me at my computer. Often, I'm creating content for new social posts, writing and rewriting book content, editing book content, creating new blogs, designing affiliate programs, marketing, promoting, or even surfing the world wide web for inspiration. You see, no two days are really ever the same.

I am a Mom, which basically means I have to be flexible with the time I have with my kids and my work schedule. Everything I do rotates around being a Mom because in my opinion, being a Mom is the best job in the entire world. A title I am proud to wear and brag about. My three kids are the foundation of my inspiration. Each day brings new highs, lows, joys, disappointments, surprises and even teachable moments. Being a Mom has taught me to be an excellent entrepreneur. I'd like to give the credit to my Business Diploma for that skill set but frankly, motherhood has been my primary teacher in all areas of my life. Just like motherhood, entrepreneurship does not come with a manual, but there are methods to success that have worked for both Mom's and Boss Babes alike. It's the primary reason why I wrote A Housewives Guide To Getting Your Blog Started. Everyone knows what a blog is but not everyone knows how to successfully launch a blog and earn from it. I would spend a good hour each night fielding inquiries from other women on how to start their own blogs. I loved hearing their stories and how they wanted to share them through blogs but didn't know how to get started. Truthfully, I didn't know how to when I started either, and I asked questions too. But like I've always preached...create what you wish existed when you were searching. And so, A Housewives Guide To Getting Your Blog Started was born!

Let's get back to the mall! So, when my girlfriend asked me how I managed to juggle everything in my life, my answer was simple. If you love what you're doing and are passionate about it, you make it happen. You find a way to get it done or fit it in. It really is just like that.

Think about this. When you dedicate yourself to something, like an exercise regime, you make the time to fit it in. When your passion is pulling at you, you must listen. You don't ever want to let your passion fizzle away. That's when regret sets in. Do the things that drive your excitement to the next level. Your inner Queen will be rooting for you every step of the way. And when your inner Queen is happy, so are you!

As you sit back and reflect on the year that is almost done, remember that you are in the driver seat. You have full control of your life vehicle. Steer it in the direction you want to go, and if you hit some ice and start to spin, remain calm and steer in the opposite direction. You've got this babe!

With passion and purpose,