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This WINS The Internet Today!!

You've seen internet wins before, but never like this, pinkie promise! This win has nothing to do with Kim K or any of her naked selfies, sorry, not sorry! This internet win is all about fashion and compassion. Joan Kelley Walker is re-designing the fashion industry standards and she's setting a generous example.

This Real Housewives of Toronto Icon has turned her vision of fashion and philanthropy into reality, creating the most stunning and affordable collection the internet has seen this year! Inspiring people to have fun with fashion; The Joan Kelley Walker Collection was created with purpose, on purpose, ensuring affordability for every woman. Aligning The Joan Kelley Walker brand with the right organizations and charitable associations was a top priority, ultimately, teaming up with

Joan Kelley Walkers' mission to give back is what gives her design collection all the feels and THE greatest win! For every JKW item purchased, Joan Kelley Walker will personally make a donation to The Breakfast Club of Canada. Awesome, right?

Last month, I happily attended Joan's media launch party; an intimate event for The Joan Kelley Walker Collection release. And, can I tell you, it was nothing short of FABULOUS! The moment I laid my eyes on her gorgeous collection, I could feel the rush of excitement swirling around the room and through my veins. Seeing all the pieces in person surpassed any description I had previously read about. Not only does each item live up to the high end fashion brand it was described as, each piece screamed comfortability, versatility and flexibility.

Aside from the inclusive sizing options, the best part of Joan's design line is the price!! I can't even tell you how many times I heard gasps come from the mouths of shocked media representatives (in a total good way) when they learned of the retail price. The timeless designs and fabrics are incredibly inviting, I couldn't help touch them all! Confession: I did, and I'm not sorry about it!

At one point, I looked around to make sure no one was staring at me as I caressed one of the crushed velvet pewter grey dresses. I mean, I just couldn't help myself, it was THAT inviting. I fell in-love with every item in Joan's line. In fact, I already own 4 of her dresses and a crisp white bathing suit cover-up that can also be perfectly paired with a stylish pair of jeans. Check out how I'm wearing it HERE!. I just love the versatility of each piece. Fashion that can be worn multiple ways is my dream outfit. I know, I'm slightly obsessed with all the pieces.

As a busy Mom of 3 children, owning pieces from the Joan Kelley Walker Collection has saved me huge amounts of time, stress and effort in finding the right outfit, especially at the last minute. In fact, whenever I have an event or function, I no longer stress on what I'm going to wear because I know I can slip into any one of JKW dresses, pair it with great shoes and a fresh coat of lipstick and I'm fashionably complete. Layer it with a jean jacket for a more casual look or add a wool overcoat to dress it up. Done, done and done!

Okay, I know you won't get the full feels of this blog until you actually own a dress for yourself. Come take a look at The Joan Kelley Walker Collection HERE and order an item that speaks to you personally. Don't worry, the sizes are true to fit and complement all shapes. Feel empowered in your new outfit knowing you are giving back. I know I do and I feel amazing every time!

Don't get sucked into the vortex of high priced dresses ever again! The Joan Kelley Walker Collection has what you need. High quality items, designer name, affordable prices and a charitable component for this internet WIN!

Joan Kelley Walker inspires me everyday. As a fashion influencer and humanitarian, how could I not request she be a featured as an empowering woman in my newest book Femme Fabulous? Joan has graced the cover of many magazines, walked many runways, attended numerous red carpet affairs, guest hosted on radio shows, television and guest speaking events, just to name a few. Joan represent the meaning of empowerment and is the ultimate Queen of being Femme Fabulous.

Pick up a copy of Femme Fabulous HERE and discover how Joan Kelley Walker and many others from The Housewives Franchise, including Vicki Gunvalson (The Housewives of Orange County) and Ronnie Stevenson (The Housewives of Vancouver) have built unshakable success, empowering independence and explosive confidence.

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Stay amazing my friends, and keep doing great things!

Always with gratitude and great fashion,