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Supercharge your Dreams!

It's a great day to make your dreams come true! But, before you slip into your weekend dream vibe, I wanted to share something with you. Something powerful and exciting and it has everything to do with dreaming.

Do you find yourself dreaming about your future? Wondering where your job is going to take you? When you're next promotion might be? Maybe you're dreaming about bumping into your life partner at your local coffee spot and the instant flash of love hits you, along with a splash of hot non-fat, triple stirred, double shot espresso latte?

Keep dreaming Doll. No really, that's the magic happening. You see, dreaming about your passions is the beginning of building your future. You're literally creating life plans in your head. A life without a dream is simply boring. The non dreamer in you used to be besties with boring. Remember when you kicked boring out of your life because she was such a drag? Yup, she's begging to come back, but don't let her in.

If you're anything like me, than I know you adore the excitement of the uncertain future. It's exhilarating to turn our passions into our present without really knowing how it's all going to turn out. I'm kind of obsessed with the uplifting feeling of joy. I can't get enough of those screeching highs and wild fluttering butterflies that tickle my belly each time I attempt to make another one of my dreams come true. Do you know that excitement? The kind of excitement that makes us smile wider than we've ever smiled and that pure feeling of bliss lets us know that our hard work and dedication is paying off? We are making it happen and there is no other feeling of accomplishment than when we believe in ourselves and start experiencing our dreams coming true. I'm still feeling all of those thrills from the release of my latest book A Housewives Guide. This book has proved to be a huge success, breaking all my previous digital download records.

I never thought, in a million years, that I would have a top selling book being sold at a bookstore chain, let alone 5 of them!! I've experienced a different journey while writing each one of my books but the dream has never changed. My newest book Femme Fabulous has hit the shelves and people are falling in love with the book`s energy!!! You can take a sneak peek HERE. OMG, I'm doing it again! Each time I release a new book, that exhilarating feeling takes me over and I can't stop feeling giddy about it.

I longed for this day since I was a little girl. I dreamed about it. I pictured myself at my own book signing event, signing copies of my books! I even get stopped on the street (well, it was in line at Tim Hortons) and asked if I was the Author of Lush & Luxe. They tell me how much my book has helped them and even giggled with excitement. Hello, pinch me now! Little did they know, I was giggling with just as much excitement. Recently, I was out at a restaurant and my server asked me if I was Joanne, the Author! I mean, wow!

I never predicted that I could be a best selling Author but I did have a goal, which turned into a plan. And, over the years, I took specific actions to help turn that plan into achievable moments. It those moments that keep propelling me forward. I know the universe is connecting the dots for me and making arrangements to best suite my plan of action. And, even if it's not exactly how I dreamed it to be, the overall dream still happens. When you send your dreams out into the universe, magic happens.

This is true for all of us! Pinkie promise.

There is no wrong way to dream. Each one of your dreams is the starting point to get your goals in motion. Your dreams are the conception to your goals. Your plans become your dreams heartbeat and your actions become the birth of your dreams. It's a beautiful life cycle. You just need to believe in yourself and allow it happen, with full confidence in your journey.

A dream remains a dream until you give it life. How do you give it life? With a plan of course!

A DREAM written down with a date becomes a GOAL.

A GOAL broken down into steps becomes PLAN.

A PLAN backed by ACTION becomes REALITY.

So, the next time you're sipping on your hot caramel macchiato, wear a big smile and mindfully bump into your dreams. They're out there, ready to make a splash.

For everyone who has a dream, I know you can make it happen!

With big love and bigger dreams,