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The Real Confession

I have a total confession to make!

I mean, it's not always easy putting yourself out there. It opens doors for others to judge you, and well, none of us like to be judged, but I'm doing it anyway...and for excellent reason. Putting it out there allows me to hold myself accountable to the promises I make to myself. 

Now, let me make myself perfectly clear! I do not consider this confession a failure, nor do I consider it a broken promise. It simply is what it is! That is all, and I am recognizing it for what it's worth. A set back, a pause, a realignment of sorts....REAL life shit, for REAL people.

So, here it is...

I haven't worked out in over 3 weeks. Although my "excuses" for not exercising are quite valid, it still leaves me feeling "icky" and out of touch with my health. Recently, I took a European vacation with my family and dedicated a few week to making memories. The last thing on my mind was working out. The vacation was AWE-mazing, as I expected it would be. Take a look at some of my vacation moments HERE and scroll down to August 8th 2018. My husband, kids and I loved every second of it. But, now that I'm back home, I should have jumped back into my exercise routine, and I didn't

My body is screaming at me to get on the treadmill but my mind is still in total vacay mode. Have you ever experienced that?

Sharing this type of content with you all is not to try and sway your thought, increase my following or attract an audience. This is me, being real, and sharing my truth and struggles. You see, if you follow me on social media, sometimes you might think my world is all glitz and glam. Well, most of the time it appears to be, and that's because I don't share my faults, struggles and failures on that particular platform.

The fact that you are all receiving this email is because you amazing ladies have all signed up to learn more about me, about my brand and how I've been able to make a living from writing, blogging and influence work. I'm all about sharing my success just as much as sharing my struggle. Perfection isn't realistic, as much as most social influencers want you to think it is. 

My focus has always been, and will always be, to add value. But, I need to do this in a way that is authentic to me. Struggles, downfalls, missteps, and even failures are all part of the process. I wouldn't be real if I didn't expose all of these to you. 

My posts must remain passionate to who I really am, faults and all! I know some of you really love my posts, especially my posts on high vibrations, business success stories, fashion, outfits of the day, filtered selfies, book signing parties, friendships with The Housewives Reality Stars, or whatever initially drew you into my world in the first place. 

I have always looked at my brand as a reality show. I often ask myself, What would my followers like to see if I were on a television show? Clearly, there are different sections, including travel, makeup, business and self care. I love to write and talk to you about more than just current trending topics. And, I suspect you enjoy reading about more than just one topic. 

So have I failed in my self care section of my reality show? Nope! 

The way I see it, failure is NOT the opposite of success; failure IS a part of success!!!!

This is the sentence that forever changed my feelings toward the meaning of failure and I hope it changes yours too. I am no longer scared of failure. After all, failure IS part of success. Without failure, we cannot continue to grow and learn. Failure needs to be present for the future of our success. I have sooooo much more to say about this subject, and I do in my upcoming book, Fabulosity. You will be the first to hear about the upcoming launch; tentatively scheduled for November of this year, pinkie promise!

Because you guys are my VIP besties, I want to share some inside scoop on this new book with you. There are chapters jammed packed with amazing content. Inspiration, intuition and information  that will ignite your drive and confidence. I promise vibrational content not only from me but also from some inspirational ladies, including an OG from the OC! If you are a fan of The Housewives Franchise, you will be blown away from not just one, not two but 3 super fab Housewives, all dishing on their Housewives experience, what they are up to now and their success methods on building an empire. 

You gorgeous ladies asked me to deliver REAL content, with REAL people so I went all out on this book! You wanted REAL and I took it to a whole new level of REAL with The Real Housewives of Toronto, Vancouver and Orange County! I can't wait for you to read it! Oh, and I may or may not be representing an amazing RHOT beauty with a secret project. I can't spill the deets just yet, but you'll know soon. 

Get a copy of FEMME FABULOUS HERE and get instant bragging rights to the exclusive interviews from Joan Kelley Walker (RHOT), Ronnie Stevenson (RHOV) and Vicki Gunvalson (RHOC).

Always with gratitude, love and REALness!