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Get Unstoppable Confidence Overnight

Like some of you, I wasn't always confident in myself. Having confidence has changed every aspect of my life. I am now wildly successful as a Blogger and Author; all because of my unstoppable confidence.

Confidence cheers me on from the sidelines, always rooting for my success and she never fails to show up! Let me show you how to get unstoppable confidence overnight!

But first, let me give you the backstory of my confidence turning point.

Confidence rang my doorbell, but no one answered! I mean, I was home, I knew she was there but fear was visiting and that was all the company I needed.

You see, fear gave me a false sense of security. She was the perfect distraction to everything I felt I couldn't handle. She whispered reasoning and gave me the security blanket I felt I needed. The problem was, I kind of stopped living. You know, the kind of living that offers new opportunity, excitement and growth? Ya, that kind of living; not there, and not willing to explore it! Fear had her arms wrapped tightly around me, giving me every excuse to push confidence away, everytime.

I got comfortable with just existing. Fear totally moved in and became a permanent fixture in my life. Everywhere I went, everyone I spoke to and every opportunity presented to me was screened through fear. She slowly totally took over my life.

It wasn't until I decided to answer the door to confidence that I realized how corrupt fear was. Now let me make a few things crystal clear. Confidence was always there, eager to unite and work as a team player alongside me. Confidence never gave up and walked away. Confidence was always there, she just needed me to believe in her, and believe in myself.

Let's not get confused! I'm talking about being confident, not cocky; there is a huge difference.

Confidence is about your aura. The way you portray yourself to others with your body language, appearance and attitude. Confidence is not something you can buy. Confidence is learned, and it is THE perfect accessory to any outfit, next to your good friend lipstick, of course!

This is me at my book signing event for A Housewives Guide at Indigo. Having confidence isn't about being arrogant, it's about owning our sense of pride, knowledge and accomplishments. It's about sharing ourselves tastefully and having others receive us with grace.

I made a choice to allow myself the gift of self confidence. I chose to step out of my shell and into the world, shoulders back and head high. I had enough of the shy, timid and painfully quiet girl I had become. I implemented the ultimate life upgrade. I invested in myself, in my worth and in my own happiness. With a pocket full of confidence, I made my dreams a reality. I now have 4 successful published books in bookstores all around the world.

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Here are my top 5 secrets that helped me build

Unstoppable Confidence Overnight.

Secret 1: Positive Affirmation

Being confident and oozing positive vibes kind of go hand in hand. I talk a lot about keeping positive by means of choosing affirmative words, practicing daily mantras, celebration list, turning negative elements into positive outcomes and most importantly living out your dreams as if you've already accomplished it. Really feeling it, and familiarizing yourself with it. Don't just think about it, envision it as if it's yours already. How does that make you feel, what does your life look like once you've attained it? How has it changed your life? Confidence works along the same line. You need to show up with confidence already in motion. Don't just think about being confident, act like someone who has confidence. Believe in your confidence, walk straight with your head upright and own your vibe. It might feel strange, at first. Having confidence takes practice. Keep practicing until it becomes second nature. You totally got this! #FullSmileActivated #EyeContactEngaged #ExpertAtWhatYouDo

Secret 2: Show Up With Your Big Girl Voice

You don't need a megaphone to lead a crowd, you just need your big girl voice. Finding our voice doesn't mean speaking over others or being argumentative. I'm sure you've encountered someone like that before. You know, that one person who's really loud and usually trying to suck up everyone's attention. Your big girl voice should consist of having knowledge of what you're speaking about. And, when you're speaking, you need to ensure that your voice is being projected according to your environment. By this I mean, consider all the elemental factors. Are you speaking into a microphone, is there background noise like music or crowd chatter? Talking with confidence includes projecting your voice based on your environment without shouting or sounding defensive.

#TalkWithEase #FindStrengthInKnowledge #WordsAndWisdom

Secret 3: Reserve VIP Seating

Level up in every single way. Reserve the front row seating in your life for yourself first, family and friends second. When we think of VIP reservations or seating, we automatically think "important." And why wouldn't we? I mean, the VIP acronym means "very important person," so why are we not utilizing this more often? Claim your free membership to your own VIP Club. When you transmit your personal VIP vibe to others, they will respond accordingly. Fall in love with your importance and show the world your worth. When you believe in yourself, your confidence will shine and let me tell you, she is beautiful!

#ShiftIntoShineMode #ConfidenceIsBeautiful #OwnYourImportance

Secret 4: Complement Yourself Daily

It feels good to hear a compliment but sadly, we don't necessarily get one everyday...until now! Stop waiting to be complemented by others and start complimenting yourself. Sounds slightly self-absorbed, I know! The truth is, this practice allows us to subconsciously accept what we would outwardly object. Hear me out! Rarely do we accept a compliment from others. By this, I mean we're kinda programmed to refute a compliment. Let that sink in for a moment. When someone compliments your hair, think about how you respond. "Oh thanks, it took me forever to style today." How about if someone compliments your dress. "This old thing? I got it last year." What about a compliment on how nice you look. "Really, thanks! I didn't get much sleep last night." The thing is, we find excuses for incoming compliments all the time. I strongly encourage you to compliment yourself everyday. Truly own it! Own how you look, how you feel, how much time you put into picking out perfect outfit. Tell yourself that you're smart, that you're proud of yourself, that your admire the amount you accomplished from your "too do" list. Whatever it is, keep complimenting yourself!

#NobodyDoesYouBetter #TeamMe #SelfComplimentsRule

Secret 5: Be real, not perfect!

Confidence is never perfect, and it's different for everyone. You see, having confidence is depended on individualism. If your trying to be perfect, then you're really not being true to yourself. Perfection is like beauty. It's all in the eye of the beholder. Perfection is different to everyone. You really can't score 100 percent on your own success. There will always be higher goals and bigger achievements to be had. Success is measured differently by everyone. Success is about doing the work, going through the motions, making mistakes, failing and growing from it all. That, to me, is being real! Putting yourself out there, even if it's intimidating. Every mistake you make is an opportunity to grow and evolve as a woman and as a woman in business. It all serves a purpose. Achieving perfection should not be your sole purpose. Keeping it real, being real and authentic is the new age perfection. The journey is what you should strive for, not perfection.

#RealShitRealLife #PerfectlyImperfect #MyShadeOfPerfect

All my secret confidence boosters can be implemented immediately; skyrocketing you to unstoppable confidence overnight. You have full and complete control and your confidence knows it! Now is the time to show the world what you're made of. Get out there, and start making all your dreams come true.

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Always with self love and confidence,