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5 trustworthy steps to skyrocketing your social platform

As I sit here, relaxed and full of gratitude, I am reminded of why I blog in the first place. I mean, blogging is not just about sitting behind a computer screen typing until your fingers hurt. Blogging for me is about adventure. It's an ongoing journey, fuelled by opportunity and growth. I get to meet a plethora of people each and every day, both online and in person. Some of them just want a glimpse into my world, others want to collaborate with me and my brand and some just want to enjoy life with me. It's pretty effing amazing! 

I'm often asked questions like, what sort of things inspire you? What does your brand represent? Who is your audience? What is your reach? What influenced your decision to make this your full time career?

The short answers are my journey, life, everyone, vast and that order! That's the short and sweet answer. Could you imagine if it was really that easy to answer every question like that?

First, if I didn't give a more detailed description about my life, the people I meet or the experiences I go through, then my blogs and social posts would be sort of boring and moot. Don't you think? 

The gift of expression, the love for words and detailed responses IS my passion. I'm in love with creative expression and equally adore following people who have a passion for life. I believe everyone has a story to tell. Sometimes they just need a little help telling it and that is exactly why I released A Housewives Guide To Getting Your Blog Started.

There are so many women and men who want to know HOW to start, or HOW to increase their viewership and even HOW to earn an income from it. The demand for this content is so incredibly huge, even I'm a little shocked on the amount of digital downloads A Housewives Guide To Getting Your Blog Started is getting. I've also included a Free Bloggers Toolkit. Get all the resources I personally used and you will need to make your first $1000 and more! Again, I'm reminded WHY I blog in the first place. 

If you are looking to expand your social following or want to reach your first 1000 followers then I suggest you get comfortable and pour yourself a glass of wine. You're going to want to toast with me shortly. I want you to forget about what you already read online about how to grow your social following. Share for share, like for like, leave a comment and replying to everyone's posts is totally yesterday's methods.

Here is my simple 5 step method that I have been personally using, and now you can too. Hang tight, I just need to pour myself a splash of Sortilege Canadian Whisky & Maple Syrup. If you're a whisky connoisseur or just love maple syrup, you're going to seriously love this liqueur. Okay, off topic, I know. Clink, clink, cheers!

Okay, back to my simple 5 step method to increasing your social following.

Step 1: Keep it simple

Keeping your posts simple while raising awareness is key. Shine a spotlight on yourself while delivering an exceptional social presence that not only attracts followers but also has them marking your page for notifications. 

Step 2: Tell a great story

Just like writing a book, your social story needs an introduction, a beginning, rising action, plot twist, and character development. 

Step 3: Be a high quality influencer

Be the kind of social presence that you want to attract back. This means you need to actively seek out an audience that will want to look to you for advice and inspiration. Your posts will start to gain followers who like your content, they will engage with your posts, enjoy your creativity and they will look up to you for inspiration, advice and opinions that matter to them. Don`t let them down!

Step 4: Post videos

Videos are major audience attractors and you need to jump on this bandwagon, like now! I know it sounds scary because none of us really like how we look in videos. If you want to increase your following, it`s important to get over it and get in it. Social media video`s are the best way to increase traction right now. 

Step 5: Collaborate with other brands

Collaborating with other brands is an excellent way to effectively boost your following. It`s important to team up with brands that closely relate to your brand and topics. 

So now you know, but don't stop here! There is soooo much more information, tools, tips and guidance and useful methods I want to share with you. Catch up with me daily on Instagram @jvivolo and be sure to check out my Instagram live stories HERE.

SAVE THE DATE!! Come say hello on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 16th, 2019. I will be at Indigo Fairview Mall in St. Catharines, ON (285 Geneva Street). Come by and pick up a signed copy of A Housewives Guide To Blogging. I'll be there from 12-4pm answering all your blogging questions. I'll also be signing copies of my newest book Femme Fabulous featuring the one and only Vicki Gunvalson from The Housewives of Orange County and many others from THE REAL HOUSEWIVES FRANCHISE!! How awesome, right?

My goal is to empower as many people as I can to succeed in whatever they are doing. Whether you are a photographer, lifestyle blogger, stylist, makeup artist, fitness trainer, life coach or even new to social media, this information is for you! I am so passionate about success, I want everyone to experience it too. Success is about doing the work, going through the motions, making mistake, failing and growing from it all. The trials and tribulations are all there so you can build from it, build on it and put yourself out there. Even if you haven't reached your goal of success, you need to keep going! I'm rooting for you all the way.

Stay amazing and keep going!

With love, passion and a few more sips of Sortilege,