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Where to Start When You Have a Million Ideas?

Where do I start when my mind has a million ideas?

This is such a great question. I know it can be difficult to sort

through all our ideas. Trust, I know!

Sometimes I find it ridiculously hard to shut my brain off and go to sleep. Why do we always get all the greatest ideas when we're ready to sleep?

You're not alone in this!

Here's what I do to help it all make sense, and to stay organized.

Start by focusing on the different categories of your ideas. Make sense of what you are creating and start prioritizing them. Prioritize your ideas in areas of importance, time line, and effectiveness and so on.

Write it all down in a journal or even on sticky notes. This step is important. Find a nice comfortable spot (I use my desk area). Get all your ideas down onto paper first and then start the organizing of them.

You don't know how many times I've had some amazing ideas but didn't record them and then when it came time to sit down and start masterfully birthing them…boom, they're gone! Not only do I forget some of the greatest ideas, I also lose the momentum of the strategy itself.

I know for me, I'm always brainstorming a thousand different ideas throughout the day. Content for my next motivation book, creating exciting lifestyle coaching content, updates to my website, following up with my current client list, building on my client list, putting out new blogs etc. My brain is a serious thinking machine! After adapting to this method, I've been able to keep all my ideas and "to do's" under control and organized.

With that being said, my mind works way effing faster than my hands can write (especially in the middle of the night) so I've found a convenient and practical way to keep my ideas (and excitement) organized.

I like to voice record my ideas right into my mobile device. Yes! I'm constantly finding ways to use my technology to make my life easier. I mean seriously, that's what it's there for right? Some of my greatest ideas come to me during the most inopportune times. All you busy Mom's can relate to this, I know you can! How many times have you been in the zone of creativity and you have to stop to pick the kids up, make them lunch, get them a snack, clean up a spill etc. It's never ending! Even as I write this one paragraph, I've been interrupted 3 times already.

First idea killer is when my middle child wants to tell me about her imagination game (in full detail). The second interruption comes when my youngest son asks me to help find his lightsaber (because if it's not vibrating and flashing neon colours, he can’t see it). And if you can believe it, my 16 year old son is nearly knocking the house down by repetitively stomping his size 13 shoe down to try and get his foot into it. Like, really?

Yup, that's my life…on a regular!

Getting my ideas recorded in real time allows me more flexibility as busy Mom, Wife, Coach and Kick Ass Authoress! I'm able to revisit my ideas anytime of the day, semi-interruption free!

Okay, so once you get a change to listen to your verbal brainstorm, take the time to write them down onto paper. This is important because you're going to want to prioritize all your ideas and thoughts. It's easier to do when you can see them. This is where sticky notes come in handy. You can use a blank wall in your house or office to categorize your thoughts. Sticky notes give you full flexibility to move them around, as you see fit.

Create a list from of your ideas but put them in order of importance. List them in order of priority with number one being the most important thing to focus on. Out of all those ideas and things to get done, what speaks to you the most? What cannot wait and needs your immediate attention before anything else. Then move to number two. This should be the next item on your list that is just as important as number one but can wait until number one is complete.

Once your list is complete, give yourself a realistic timeline to complete them. Remember, it doesn't have to all be done in a day. (I wish!!) Be completely honest here. Don't set an unrealistic time schedule because that only feeds on failure. You want to set yourself up for success so be practical when setting a time schedule for completion.

Think about what it will take to complete the project. How much of your day are you able to contribute to it? How many times per week can you dedicate to it?

Things come up and push our schedules all the time. Don't beat yourself up if you run off schedule a little. It happens!

Don't be afraid to re-prioritize the projects. It's not only okay to put something on the back burner for a bit, it's sometimes necessary. I've been working on another motivational book but then something else that I find huge passion with comes up and I set the book deadline back a bit. I haven't ditched it, I just re-prioritized my projects. I would rather deliver excellent content later in my schedule then put out a half passionate book.

So there it is! Now you know how I muddle my way through the thick stacks of ideas, passion, change, growth and opportunity I have flooding my thoughts on a regular basis.

Getting this information out to you has become my passion over anything else I'm doing right now. I love sharing my strategies with you. Your success is important to me.

I love your feedback. Please know that I do read your comments, emails, direct messages and I adore all your likes and shares on social media too. Keep them coming! I don't ever want you to feel stuck in your own head and unable to get your ideas and project to life.

After consulting for multi-million dollar companies for over 10 years, lifestyle coaching and self publishing 3 successful books, I know a thing or two about organization, accountability and motivation.

I'm here for you!

You've got this! The truth is, you always have.

Stay amazing and keep doing great things.

With high vibe priority and love,