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Super Vibetastic

Hey Babes...kiss kiss! Happy Ground Hog Day!

I have a confession to make and you're going to want to hear this.

In a perfect world, we would be gyrating on high vibe every moment of the day right? Dancing cheek to cheek with the Frequency Queen is total life goals...and that's exactly what I've been doing. It's awesome, I know!

So how did I become a member of this royal vibe tribe? short, the universe invited me herself and she is SUPER VIBETASTIC!

You see, I literally took a few pages out of my own book. Like really! I re-read my book Lush & Luxe; Powered by Positivity and reacquainted myself with the power of positivity and manifested what I needed in my life. Not only did I set my vibration back on the highest field, I also recharged my life batteries and I feel AHHHmazing! Repeat after me in your best singing voice...Ahhhhmaaazingggg!

Did you say it like Oprah? I totally did! Okay so I seriously needed (well...had to) change things up a bit because my vibe was acting thirsty for a total makeover...and boy oh boy am I glad I listened!

See, here's what happened. I fell into a vibe-less meditation routine. Yes, it's a thing. I was meditating with my words, my inner thoughts in a safe space but I lost touch with meditating itself. I was going through the meditation motion but because my routine became stagnant, I lost touch with feeling the words, believing in the words and connecting with the universal space. It's like daydreaming without a dream. You can picture a situation, see the people involved and maybe even know how the dream turns out. Eventually the daydream becomes just a thought because an important part is missing. Meditating, manifesting and getting into flow become stagnant without purpose, passion and true belief.

Has your manifesting technique flat-lined?

I didn't notice at first, because I wasn't paying close enough attention. I kept on with my day, my life, my world but I could feel that something was off. I seriously lost the "believe" part of "ask, believe, receive" and it was horrible!

The good news? It was never lost...just tripped up. You see, I let one missed opportunity take me down that rabbit hole of not believing in myself, getting lost in the feeling of disappointment, feeling deprived of opportunity, and believing I was just not good enough for that particular win. I know...big mistake. I literally didn't follow my own words, lessons and beliefs. Totally not cool, I know!

So how did I overcome this exactly?

I stared disappointment straight in the face and took that bitch down. I ripped my high vibe ownership straight out of her cold clammy hands of disappointment and told her to back the eff down! I seriously re evaluated my worth and stepped right back up to the winning position (you know...where we ALL belong).

Here's exactly how I did it. Although I hope this never happens to you, I want to equip you with some quick and easy steps to get you back into full vibration.

And because you and I are on the same mission of turning our doubt into our destiny, I want to give you this Life Ownership Chart FREE!

FREE High Vibe Ownership Chart

I know, I know! It's a total lifestyle thing, but I have full faith in you. You have to stop believing in your preconditioned ways and start listening to your inner Goddess. She's knows a thing or two! Seriously! Make your vibe jive the way YOU want it...on high vibration of course!

It's time to resonate with your High Vibe Queen and get into full flow mode.

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With adoring love and resonating vibes,