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Fall in love with Monday again!

Hello my gorgeous friends!

Happy Monday...or is it?

Why do Monday's always get a bad rap! I mean some serious hate happens when Monday rolls into our week.

Is it because we're overly tired from our weekend adventures or is it because Monday signifies the start of a long work week?

If you're not loving your Monday mornings, I strongly suggest you take a look at what the root of your dislike is and where is it stemming from?

I can tell you I love Mondays!

For me, Monday represents new beginnings. It's a great way to start over again. It's the perfect day to start new adventures, create new lists and set fresh goals.

Monday's are the beginning of 7 glorious new days.

Monday are motivating. It's a great day to start new routines. It's the perfect day to start a new mantra for the week. Monday's are also great days to reflect on the previous week and grow from the lessons, faults and failures.

I've never been one to hate a Monday. In fact, I start my Monday mornings with good intentions. After all, I believe positive mind, body and soul attracts all things positive. Monday is no exception to this rule.

So here's the thing, this past Monday I changed up my daily mantra. I started practicing some techniques from a money mentality makeover seminar I watched a few weeks back. The basics to this technique is to clear your energy of anything negative that may be blocking the way you feel about money, think about money, attract money and accept money. Basically, the money mentality makeover challenges the way you think about money ultimately allowing you to become more in tune with your purpose by affirming your success verbally on a daily basis.

So what does this have to do with Monday exactly?

Basically, the same principles can be applied to how you think about everything in your life, not just money. How you feel about your Monday will ultimately affect how your Monday turns out.

Make your Monday's meaningful again. Make it a manicure Monday. Plan a manicure or pedicure on Monday and treat yourself to something you enjoy. Do something that allows you to change your mindset on how you feel about your Mondays. Meet up with some friends for cocktails or try a new bucket list activity that day. Change the way you feel about Monday by creating your Monday on your terms.

Whatever you choose to do, make it something you look forward to. There's no reason why the weekend should hold all the anticipation glory.

This particular Monday was super fantastic for me. I was surprised to receive a beautiful and thoughtful gift from someone I met through social media. Her talent and creative flare is outstanding so naturally I'm filled with gratitude that she even thought of me. Her inspiration stems from my book Lush & Luxe. I feel so blessed to be given this incredible gift from someone who is touched by my work. The power of positivity is yours for the taking. All you need to do is reach out and get it!

Jessie Berry is a Hamilton artist. She is the owner and founder of Twisted Paintbrush.

Her extensive skill set and creative flare shines through every art piece she creates.

Jessie takes great pride in every one of her handmade pieces.

She especially enjoys working on custom paintings, logo mugs, tumblers, decals, glass cutting boards, t-shirts, ornaments, socks and lanterns just to name a few.

Monday's are a great day to start start something new, whether it's taking a self-help class, swimming lessons or even a game of bingo. Take Monday out on a date. Once you get to know her better, she might surprise you on how awesome she can be.

For more inspiration and motivation techniques, check out the packed pages of Femme Fabulous. This book is nothing short of glorious.

With a full heart, and a love for Monday,