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Happy 365 Days of New Opportunity Beautiful!

So here we are starting a new year together and I couldn't be happier about it. I'm sure you've been sprinkled with love all over social media (as you should be). I hope you are all enjoying the well wishes still pouring into your Social Media Newsfeed, mimicking the overflowing champagne and celebrations from the Eve of all parties. But tell me, during the last few hours of 2017, did you get a chance to celebrate your authentic self?

Did you allow the true version of you to rise above the commercialized celebration and show the world your worth, accomplishments and vulnerabilities? Did you clink glasses and toast to all your accomplishments and failures? I totally did!

This year I rang in the new year fully embracing all that I am, vulnerabilities and all. Sharing vulnerabilities is not being weak,'s the truest form of strength!

A few weeks ago, I followed through with something I've wanted to do for years. I put myself front and center of an entire group of casting agents, producers and film crew. My heart was pounding so hard, I could physically feel my fear filled organ bouncing off the inner cavity of my chest. I was certain the casting crew could even hear the terrified beats echoing through the microphone they strapped to my collar.

When the interview started, I allowed my vulnerabilities to surface. The raw emotion and candid response to every question asked was delivered with truth. Through the entire process, I was continually reminded to "just be me" (as if I wasn't already). I took center stage, proud and true to my authentic self, regardless of who they wanted me to be.

So who am I exactly?

I am a Mother first! My children are my most valued accomplishments. They teach me to be a better person each and every day. I am more than blessed to have them by my side, growing, learning and navigating this big world we live in.

I'm also a three time best selling Author...what what! When my debut novel Too Close To Almost hit Chapters Indigo shelves in 2014, I was so filled with joy. A feeling that only another first time novelist can relate to. The topper was when Lea Black from The Housewives of Miami showed off her love for my book! Like seriously!!!

The pure joy, excitement and exhilarating journey is beyond any words I could write. Kind of an oxymoron, I know! After my social media was swamped with amazing reviews, I knew I had to deliver more stories to my increasing followers. Eeeeekkkk, people want more of my stories, and I secretly wanted Lea Black to love my next book too.

A year later Protect Me Not was born which superseded any of my previous book sales. You asked, I delivered and boom! An explosion of emails came rushing in again. You guys are seriously amazing like that. Rocket launching my books to the top of the readers list gave me such great inspiration, I just knew I had to deliver another kick ass book. That, and the fact that Lea Black gushed over having a copy was the cream de la creme for me.

With an overflowing amount of glee, I released Lush & Luxe; Powered by Positivity. This is where the magic seriously happened. I never truly knew how many people were touched by my work including Lea Black and many others from The Housewives Franchise. Shit just got real, fast!

The support, empowerment and some serious social media likes, loves and comments are always coming in from you guys and not just family. You know your product and brand is successful when all the love keeps coming in from women and men around the world. I knew being authentic, showing my vulnerabilities and kicking fear to the curb was great for me personally, but what I didn't quite plan on was that so many of you would resonate with it.

I dropped the expectation of who I thought people wanted me to be and really started living my life as who I am! A great way to kick start each and every day in 2018!

You see, in the end, being true to yourself and who you are should never be compromised. Not for a job, a television roll, family members or even strangers. I activated the best life hack ever and stayed true to me regardless of what other people wanted or thought of me. I did not allow the influence of others bate me into being someone I was not. There was no hiding behind a masked persona or even bending in my core values...just to get "the part."

I share this information, not because I want to brag. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I did not get the part I auditioned for and I'm okay with that! I had fun in the process. Because in life, you don't always get what you want. One must learn to be okay with disappointment and failure in order to be grateful for the opportunity alone. I was able to experience different elements and levels that I would not have been able to experience had I been to shy to try. I am thankful I made it to the final round, and man-o-man was I ever close!

The end result really isn't the show stopper. The true story line is keeping integrity, regardless of the outcome. Showing gratitude for the opportunity and facing any and all vulnerabilities without regret. With that being said, I trust that the only thing I will loose myself in this year is gratitude itself. I have the ability to set my own standards, live with unwavering integrity and trusting in the process. If I can do it, so can you!

This year I encourage you to stay lit my friends. The only spotlight you need to shine in is your own.

With gratitude, shining light, high standards and higher integrity.

Cheers to 2018!