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I'm breaking up with booze! At least for now. I know, we've all said goodbye to alcohol one time or another in our life but have we ever really analyze the outcome? The alcohol fallout usually happens after a long night of social drinking and an even longer night of bed spins. Come on, we've all experienced this at some point and that spin queen is relentless!

I know this blog won't resonate with everyone, and that's okay. Seriously! If you're not feeling like you're ready for a break up yet, you can pick up your wine glass and carry on. We are golden! But just know, my breakup isn't a forever thing. I'm soft at heart like that.

Last week I hosted my very first Sip & Sign Event and WOW was it AweMazing! Anyone who knows me personally, knows I just sang that, but let's not get off track, or out of tune. The event turn out was great and the empowerment vibe was peaking. Check out the invite that was sent out for the Special Event here!

So why am I ditching alcohol exactly? Well, here's the deal. After the Sip & Sign, I was slightly hung over and feeling physically and mentally drained. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not one to drink excessively and I never drink to black out but I do enjoy sipping and savoring a nice glass of red. Sometimes, I want to indulge a little more than I probably should and I always regret the after effects. The Sip & Sign event had me sipping a little too much!

Nearly a year ago, I stumbled across an article about alcohol fasting and the health benefits associated with it. Now in my world where a nice glass of wine with dinner is a staple, eliminating wine was ludicrous to even consider. I mean, one glass of red a day was good for your heart right? I tried it! I took a vacation from alcohol for a month and I found the challenge and the experience to be empowering. Empowered I was! A whole month sans any and all wobbly pops sounded absurd but I felt great! My skin looked fresh and felt energized. My stomach didn't feel so bloated all the time and my thought process was seamless. My vibe was besties with the queen of high frequency and she's a hard one to get close to.

Knowing I was not going to be alcohol free forever, nor was that ever my intention, I reacquainted myself with some sipping favorites. Soon enough, I was back to my regular wine with dinner and social weekend bubbly all over again. I inadvertently took on my old habits while trying to nurture a new me. Whenever that happens, an internal fight is bound to break out. It only took a few months before I started to feel overwhelmed, stressed and seriously tired again!

I blamed many of these unhealthy signals on the stress of launching a my newest book Lush & Luxe; Powered by Positivity, I blamed it on summer break stress and having to keep the kids entertained, I also blamed it on the countless nights I stay up late working on more great projects. Oh ya, and the heartbreaking accident of our puppy breaking her leg. Really, I set the blame to just about everything I was experiencing at the time. The reality of it was, I knew my love affair with a great glass of wine (sometimes 3) was cramping my style.

So here I am sipping on a refreshing glass of strawberry milk straight out of a wine glass... because why not? I've enjoyed a splash of vino with my dinner a few times since the Sip & Sign (okay, only once) but I had no desire to finish the glass. I'm not sure if my body is still mad at me for overindulging or if I'm just mentally ready to shake that groggy gross feeling. Either way, I'm just starting to clear the fog and feel alive again. I have both feet planted firmly on the ground (without the spins) and I'm ready to re-evaluate my relationship with alcohol again. Perhaps I'll share a glass (or two) with some friends or even choose a refreshing glass of milk. Either way, I will be proud of my choice. I am happy to put myself and my needs first (a rarity for Moms).

Now let me set the record straight before the flood of emails and comments come in! I am not an alcoholic, nor have I ever drank myself into oblivion. Taking a personal time out from alcohol is a personal choice derived for the purpose of choosing a healthier lifestyle, not because of a substance abuse problem. If you want to drink on a daily basis or even go out every weekend and get completely shit faced, then so be it. There's no judgement here! But if this blog inspires you in anyway to try a different approach to a healthy lifestyle change up, even partaking in your own wine-cation, then I applaud your efforts.

I owe it to myself to try and live the healthiest lifestyle I can. I am amazing, or at least my little humans think I am! You are amazing too and we all deserve the best that life has to offer. So I raise my glass of pink milk and toast you all. Never above you, never below you, always with you! #Salute