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Sometimes you just need to throw a filter on and show up Like You Own The Place! This past weekend I had the pleasure of getting together with a friend of mine. Okay, she's not just a friend, she's also my stylist. I don't know about you, but I know when I'm getting "Joannafied" I feel amazing! I mean seriously, a new hair cut and some colour touch ups always helps me feel like I'm new again, and it is an invigorating feeling. I really need to do it more often.

While getting styled, I was reminded that beauty, health and happiness are sometimes meshed together, forgetting that each of these characteristics hold their own importance. Each one of these attributes deserves to be celebrated. If you're one of the remarkable people out there who have mastered the skill of celebrating a beautiful smile, complimenting a nice outfit and adoring perfectly styled hair, congratulations. You can just skip this blog and move on. But if you have ever consciously or unconsciously placed personal judgement on yourself, then this post may resonate with you. Getting past self imposed limitation is not only healthy, it is a must!

I am always so focused on the health and happiness of everyone around me, I often hide the truth of my own well being. Even as I write, I find myself erasing and re-writing the truth about my health and wellness. Not because I feel pity for myself. Not because I think of myself as weak. Just because I have become abundantly aware of how much time and effort I put into everyone else`s happiness, often disregarding mine. We are all getting older, and sometimes reminding ourselves to slow down and take the appropriate time we need to rejuvenate can be difficult to convince our brains to do. I often push my physical boundaries, ultimately leaving me with lasting injury. I really don't heal as fast as I once did.

Earlier this year I wrote a blog about Putting Yourself First and today, the words still hold true. I've never been a slacker in anything I do, which is why it's difficult to slow the pace down. I'm also really good at inflicting self guilt. Yup, that's a real thing. I can easily make myself feel guilty for wanting to indulge in something that makes me feel good. And for a fashion loving, beauty adoring, high heel wearing Power Mom like me, the list of feel good things are endless.

Last weekend, I was reminded to slow it down and enjoy the company of some great people in my life. My husband and I finally made plans to share some cocktails with another couple, which recharged me instantly. I have been friends with this couple for many years. Cristine is even one of the amazing Power Moms featured in my Lush & Luxe book. Engaging in real talk, sharing in laughter, and fueling my love for selfies was exactly what my soul needed. Real talk with real people in real time never felt so good.

So there I was. Hair done, makeup on and wearing my new favourite shoes, I walked into the lounge Like I Owned The Place. Alive, confident and recharged, I felt human again. I drank a few cocktails and indulged in conversation (okay, a little singing too). And for once that day, I paid no attention to any of my ailments. Alcohol may have been a factor in pain management, or maybe not. But I do know that since then, I have been refocused and I continue to feel amazing. I am determined to make the time I need, physically, mentally and spiritually to fully recharge. I am determined to get past my self imposed limitations and really start living, with complete ownership. The way life should be lived and enjoyed.

I hold the master key and the deed to my life! I own every moment, opportunity, celebration and event. I will continue to nurture the growth and worth of my glorious life. I will continue to celebrate daily, not just the profit but the losses as well. I will continue to build my empire, moving at a comfortable pace with my family and friends at my side. I will continue to shine, move forward and own the place I am in.

Come join me, the view is spectacular! Lush & Luxe, I have the power. Do you have yours?

With love and new ownership,