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Powered by Positivity! What does that mean exactly?

It only takes a spark

If you follow me on social media (and I hope you are), you know my most used mantra (and hashtag) is #Gratitude Is My Attitude. A close second to this glorious and powerful mantra is #Stay Amazing. These two statements (and now, equally important hashtags) are not effeminate. I encourage each and everyone of you to utilize these powerful words whenever you can and as often as you can.

You see, I like to focus my energy on all the good we have in the world. Too often, through social media, television, radio and print, acts of destruction, hate and crime are usually at the forefront of these reporting platforms. I understand that the media has an obligation to report breaking news to the general public, but why does it have to take so much of our personal energy?

It feels like my energy vibes are being sucked out of my soul and it's not a good feeling! So when these positive vibe blockers take center stage, I need to recharge, and fast!

You see, I made a commitment to myself a long time ago to stay energetically fused, remain in a positive mindset, keep an affirmative vibe, resonate the shit out of supportive, encouraging and uplifting words and to focus on acts of kindness. Just a few weeks ago while getting my nails done, I was reminded (in a very unusual way) to keep my focus on kindness. This story deserves it's own blog post, and I will tell you about one day. It is clarity at its finest!

Keeping focus on all things positive doesn't come easy. It takes work, practice and dedication. Far too often, the opportunity to slip into negative overdrive happens, usually smacking us right upside the head. I like to use the simple and practical method of meditation to help sort and set my intentions. Whether you like to take a bath or shower before bed, indulge in some cheesy television series or you just want to curl up in bed with a good book (I can recommend a few), I guarantee these calming rituals will help shake off the days stress and allow you to redirect your focus on what really matters. In fact, being powered by positivity is not only life changing, it is a necessary upgrade!

Want to know how Lea Black from The Real Housewives of Miami does it? How about Taylor Kaye, radio and television personality? She's seriously the busiest person I know!

The General Manager of The Staybridge Suites Hamilton Downtown, Tina Rogano has found her Power Charging Station, and it's not where you might think it is. Do you dream of working for yourself and kicking your regular 9-5 job to the curb? Yup, it's more then possible!

Do you ever wonder how everyone around you can afford to drive luxury cars, live in big houses and never seem to have to punch a time clock? Yes, these are all questions I hear from people!

You asked, I found out!

Each Power Women I showcased in my Lush and Luxe book is Powered by Positivity and wow, are they fully charged! Cristine Cordeiro Sloss styled her life exactly the way she wanted. Real estate is a competitive market, but that didn't stop Lynn Burn from becoming a power house in the Minneapolis real estate industry.

So what's holding you back?

Get Powered by Positivity HERE!

Each night I spend a few moments in silence, going over my daily celebration list. This isn't any ordinary list! A celebration list is almost like a to do list only better! It's a recollecting compilation of your days achievements, and why not celebrate them! Grocery shopping, paying bills, cooking meals, writing in your journal, picking up the kids, visiting with a friend, dropping off dry cleaning (and the list is sometimes extra long), are all moments of celebration. Whatever your daily celebration list consist of, you deserve to celebrate it!

I also like to revisit my personal vision, and ask myself if I'm making appropriate decisions conducive to where I want to take my life. While my brain is rolling through my day, I set intentions for my coming day. This ritual is crucial and I strongly encourage you implement it into your nightly routine. Falling asleep to good intentions allows our brain to have a guided focus during the recharging hours of the night.

Give it a try! Powered by positivity never felt so good. So the next time you're engaging in some social media time, give it a try, post with hashtag #GratitudeIsMyAttitude or #StayAmazing and tag me too, of course!

Charging your life batteries starts here.

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