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Giving negativity life, and why it may need resuscitation!

Hello gorgeous! Wherever you are, I hope you're enjoying the sunshine on your face and spending precious time with a loved one.

Recently, I've been celebrating everything life pushes into my space, including negative elements. Although the law of attraction rule doesn't want any life given to negative vibes, I on the other hand embrace it...with a twist of course. Because there will always be negative elements in our universe, why not sprinkle a whole bunch of happiness all over it. Negativity allows us to celebrate backwards; something I feel like I've been doing my whole life.

Sometime it's that negative element that stops us in our tracks, and forces us to the left instead of the right. That shift in perspective can also bring a positive change, one that is pleasantly unexpected.

We've heard it all before, but have we truly listened?

Looking for the good in a moment of bad is often hard to do. You must learn to master this skill if you want to decrease the angry moments in life. Pausing before reacting is a great way to keep control of your feelings.

Before speaking, ask yourself if your words are appropriate. Too often, words are spoken without thought. Your thoughts should not come secondary. Chose your words wisely! Remember, it's not about how much you can say, but rather, what you say that counts. Leave a conversation knowing the words you spoke added value.

Lush & Luxe was designed to add luxury to your life, through interconnecting with others, lifestyle choices and perception. It's not just about diamonds and cash, seriously it's not! It's about enriching your life to the maximum potential. My world of Lush & Luxe consists of memorable moments, life lessons, growth and challenge. It's difficult to own responsibility for your own life and your own success. This is a big responsibility, but one that I am certain you are ready to tackle. It can be overwhelming to own your life but that's because you might be out of practice. The more you try, the easier it gets. The easier it gets, the more you'll want to continue and the more you continue, the more experience you'll have. See the loop? I call it a positivity loop and you can read more about it in Lush & Luxe.

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More recently, I've been pushing past all the people who tell me I can't, and showing them that I can. I don't know what's more rewarding; the fact that I can or the look on their face when I do! Either way, it's liberating! Achieving and receiving feels good, so I'm sticking to it.

Life is what you make of it, filled with choices, decisions and conscious placement. You are the driver of your life. When driving, obey the rules and proceed with passion, clarity and self direction. It's okay to ask for directions, in fact it's encouraged, but how you choose to drive is solely up to you.

LUSH & LUXE celebrates the unity of power and success. A successful woman equipped with positive power is a force like no other. So let's turn that positive power switch on, because life is so much better when we live authentically and positively fused. Let this book be a constant reminder that your achievements are a positive thought away.

So the next time you're surrounded by negativity, give it a great big hug, smother it with kindness and know that even negative elements can be a blessing in disguise.

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Thank you for always showing your support, not only does it bring me joy, it showers me with strength and renewal.

With positive vibes,