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One of life's hardest jobs is to be a Mom. Not just a wake up in the morning and shove the kids off to school kind of Mom, but a real stand up, good role model, self loving, giving, teaching, nurturing, true, unfiltered Mom. Phew, and that's just the tip of the Mom description list. Every Mom is different; different in their beliefs, attitude, parental responsibilities, abilities and willingness to put in the effort it takes to keep up to social standards. Often, Mom's are drained and unable to recover from an extensive day of work and parenting. It's no wonder Mom's run out of steam.

Make a board of appreciation staring Mom!

Mom's appreciate the thought, not the price tag. Gift giving doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, just a little bit of creative thinking and voila! It really isn't about the price tag. Mom's appreciate the effort that is put into the gift and when their child shows up with a hand crafted gift made with love, Mom's heart will swell with love. And besides, these crafty gifts make great keepsakes.

This simple but memorable Mother`s Day gift is not only super cute, it`s also easy to put together the morning of. I used a simple wooden bed tray that I found at Ikea and decorated it with a simple love note to Mom with dry erase markers. I topped it off with a hand made craft, a candle and some candy sticks. Another alternative to crafts and candy would be to serve Mom breakfast in bed. Now that`s something every Mom would appreciate.

You light up Mom's life; let her show it off!

This is a really easy and blissfully cute gift. Find an empty mason jar (make sure it is clean and dry). Spray paint your favourite colour inside the jar. Be sure to only spray a thin layer of paint. Choose a favourite Mommy and Me picture. Cut it out in a fun shape that will fit on the jar. Glue the picture to the jar. Place a tea candle in the dry jar and let Mom know how she is the light of your life.

Mom is the meaning of Love; remind her everyday!

Show Mom you appreciate her with action and words with this easy to create Love Jar.Find a cute container to use for these letters of love. If you don't have a spare container you can make one easily with a small box, wrapped with fun fabric or even an old shoe box covered with decorative wrapping paper. You can get as creative as you want with this idea. Find some paper and write little notes of love and appreciation. Make enough notes to last an entire month, or even a whole year.

The scent of a woman!

My children take note of my scent, almost on a daily. This easy to make goodness will not only give Mom a super sweet smell but it's also good for her skin. Absorbent and moisturizing, this gift is sure to please. Surrender to the sweet smell of lavender and coconut with this all natural body lotion. This is one of my most prized, easy to use tools in keeping my skin fresh and nourished. Find a clean jar that has a good sealing lid. Mix organic coconut oil and one of your favourite essential oils together to create a smooth textured paste. Please consult with your health practitioner or an herbal specialist on which essential oil to use before hand. Because I shower every night before bed, I like to use lavender. Lavender is known to assist with relaxation, something I have a hard time doing. We don't always get the time we need or want to pamper ourselves, leaving this option one of the best and quickest methods to help unwind the day.

Make her life simple!

Show her you love her by assembling pre-made lunch smoothies for her. These easy to make smoothies are sure to win her over. Give her the gift of time with these healthy, dense food drinks that will keep her energy soaring throughout the day. Bub-bye two o'clock crash, hello healthy! Not only does she not have to worry about fitting in a healthy lunch into her already busy schedule, it only takes a minute to blend.

To start, place kale, swiss chard, a blend of berries, 1 tsp of ground organic flax seed, 1 tsp organic chia seeds into a clean mason jar. Put a lid on it and place it in the freezer. That`s it! Pretty easy, and convenient. When Mom is ready to have her shake, all she needs to do is pull one jar out of the freezer, add water or her favourite organic juice so that the fluid level is about half the jar and blend. Healthy made easy!

Gift one or all of these ideas. And by the way, it does not have to be Mother`s Day to show your appreciation. Surprise Mom with thoughts of love whenever you feel inspired. I know I`m inspired by my Mom everyday.

Stay healthy, keep being amazing and enjoy your Mother`s Day.

With love and gratitude!