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My New Book, LUSH & LUXE, is now available!

Hello sunshine! It feels so incredibly great to finally share my news with all of you. I have wanted to shout out at the top of every mountain (but reluctantly didn't). My amazing new book is NOW available, LUSH & LUXE, getting past self imposed limitations: powered by positivity.

Lush & Luxe is a compilation of positive quotes, inspiring expressions, and a showcase of some seriously amazing women who know how to keep positive energy in a negative environment.

This book was designed with YOU in mind!

There is a beautiful power among women who genuinely stand beside one other. Lifting, encouraging and empowering each.

These women are never above you, never below you but always with you! There is plenty of success to go around, so don't be shy to share in the glory of success.

Nothing's sexier than a powerful and successful woman who is not afraid to share her personal stories of growth. Think of it as lessons learned without having to endure the actual hardship.


I have worked passionately, for nearly half a year on this book; often learning more about myself along the way, and it's been one of the best experiences of my life. No kidding! Let me explain why my experience with this book was like no other.

After the release of my latest romance novel, Protect Me Not, I was feeling low energy and frankly, mentally drained. Some parts of that novel where uncharacteristic of the way I think in my everyday life. I had to research some serious life issues including abuse and sexual defiance, something I am personally not familiar with. While writing Protect Me Not, I remained focused on the content, gruesome at times, but that's what writers do. Authors channel their focus and thoughts into their fictional stories, creatively wording the story to assume a realistic perspective, one they hope their readers can relate to. I researched endless stories on abuse, the psychology behind it and the lasting effects on both the abuser and the abused. After I finished the book, I found my energy slowly diminishing and I couldn't quite figure out why. The book itself was a great success, selling more copies than projected. So why was I in such a funk? When I write, my story line becomes my primary focus, whether I'm grocery shopping or sleeping, my imagination has no time barrier. I gave one hundred percent of my imagination and focus, often writing late into the night. If I didn't get the ideas down on paper, the overflow of data and facts would haunt my sleep. I pushed my physical and mental boundaries because I'm passionate with my writing, that's what I do.

I increased my vitamin D in hopes that it would assist with my mood. Still gloomy, I added a few more nourishing supplements into my daily vitamin regime. Nothing seemed to be helping. My concentration was there, but my energy and vibe were out of sync. Then it hit me! My body's frequency was out of tune. I spent so much time channeling my thoughts, mapping out details, making sense of research and dissecting raw statistics that I lost myself. I knew I had to endure a mental cleanse. I had to channel my vibrations back into its proper place. I did this by filtering my thoughts, only allowing the positive bliss to emerge. The transition was warm, welcoming and darn right amazing. I felt alive again, smiling and even showing off a little bounce in my step. My regular sleep patterns graced my evenings once again, and I felt alive!

I know as an Authoress, I have to push my boundaries, stretch my imagination and tread unfamiliar waters. I can do all of this and still shine in positivity, something I have recently learned to control. I am a warrior, enlightened by another lesson and thankful for another day.

The theme of LUSH & LUXE is power! It's a strong word right? This word seemed to keep surfacing through social media, television and even print, so I wanted to take a closer look at its meaning. Power is defined as an ability to do something, to act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality.

LUSH & LUXE celebrates the unity of power and success. A successful woman equipped with positive power is a force like no other. So let's turn that positive power switch on, because life is so much better when we live authentically and positively fused.

Selfishly, I want LUSH & LUXE to look cute and girly (sorry boys). I gave extra attention to every font, italic and image so that I could capture the genuine spirit of this project. The texture of this book is to die for! This book screams luxurious from the moment you put your dainty little fingers on it. You really need to touch and hold it to fully understand. In order to allow my featured Power Women to radiate through the pages, my cover had to scream luxury, passion and beauty. More importantly, I want all my readers to feel proud and empowered. I want all you beautiful ladies to make reference to the inspiring pieces; the ones that speak to you directly. Let the words be a constant reminder of how great you are! Allow the words to resonate deep within your soul. Absorb the energy so you can boost your goals, dreams and wants everyday. Let this book be a constant reminder that your achievements are a positive thought away.

Giving back is just as important to me as gratitude, so I wanted to design this book to be as attractive as it will make you feel. I wanted to make it a gratifying and useful gift option. Who doesn't love to receive an uplifting and unique gift? Because I often donate to charity and participate in giveaways as well as fund raising, this book is a perfect way for me to gift the magic of positivity.

There is no wrong way to gift this book. Seriously, just slap a pretty bow on it and gift away. You're not going to even want to wrap it. The texture alone is enough to arouse your sense of touch. I designed the cover to not only look luxurious but to also feel amazing to hold. It's the perfect marriage of silk and velveteen, aching to be caressed. Achieving success through the power of positivity never goes out of style. Need a gift for a wedding shower, baby shower, retirement, birthday, teacher year end, thank you gift? The celebrations are endless and this book suits all of them. Gift yourself or someone in your life today, and come feel the power of positivity. I'm certain you'll love it just as much as I do.


Thank you for always showing your support, not only does it bring me joy, it showers me with strength and renewal.

With positive vibes,