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Tapping into your positive pot of gold and why you need to do it today.

It's okay to work on your goals and projects bit by bit but never lose sight of the big picture. Remember that you are awesome; you can do anything you set your mind to. Your vision and drive to want to make it happen holds power and strength. In order to achieve your goals you need to believe in your goals. How you perceive yourself is nobody's business but your own, and if you want to execute an upgrade, than slay it!

There will always be the negative Nancy's, disbelievers and haters trying hard to knock you off your stepping stones of success and that's okay because you've got this! Once you've tapped into your positive pot of gold, there will be no stopping you. In fact, you will start to see the transformation all around you. I call it the overview affect. Good, positive energy is attractive, and I'm not talking physically attractive; although you will feel radiant. I'm talking about that invisible power of attraction you will have. I talk about this in my book Lush & Luxe; Powered by Positivity. Thousands of people all around the world have picked this specific book to help elevate their positive lifestyle. Even a well known woman from The Real Housewives Franchise, Lea Black, speaks highly of this book.

Lately I've noticed an influx of people gathering around me. I've paid close attention to this phenomenon because I like to internally observe before speaking outwardly about it. I've been energetically charged and people are responding. No matter where I am, shopping or otherwise people are magnetically attracted to my space. These clusters of strangers often approach me in conversation, kind gestures and some just want to say hello.

With a surge of positive attention, there is sure to be negative. When unhappy people see other people advancing and rising, they get into a silly funk. Snide comments are often whispered, dirty looks are visible from across the room and more often than not, it derives from their own insecurities of not being self assured enough. But why does this even have to happen?

Sometimes during our journey of transitional proportions, we make changes that are better suited for the path we choose to take. When negative flow starts penetrating your space, know that it's okay to create new road maps for your new realities. Some may look at this change of direction as a negative transgression or a diversion from your past failure but it's not. It's simply reworking into a better position of play. Always keeping your focus on the end goal will allow you to keep the spotlight on your positive path.

Don't execute your time or energy on the restrictive boarders and suffocating boundaries others may inflict on you through their actions and comments. Steer past the non believers of your journey and know that you are creating your dreams not just thinking about them. After all, you are amazing and worth every ounce of gold.

Stay fabulous my friends and keep doing great things!

Always with love, gratitude and positive flow,



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