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Putting yourself first is not just okay, it's a must!

In today's day and age, working Moms are not only the new normal for most households, they are a must. Only a few short decades ago, a stay at home Mom (better known as a homemaker) was one of the best titles to have. It was not only acceptable to stay home and raise kids while the fathers went out and earned the household income, it was a woman's duty. Somewhere down the line, a shift happened. A movement of sorts influenced by power, money and the need for more material things in life transformed the way families lived. There was an overwhelming desire for women to gain power and titles not only in their homes but also in the working force, on the streets and in society. The shift created a ripple effect with a greater sense of worth, value and economic growth, and although I personally believe this shift in thinking to all be good growth, I have to wonder if Mom's are taking enough time for themselves?

When I talk about taking personal time, I don't just mean a long uninterrupted candlelit, aroma infused bath or a two hour hair and makeup retreat; although those are my favourite types of self indulgence. Sometimes a simple, but necessary, pedicure or even a thirty minute yoga session can do wonders for self rejuvenation and clarity. Did you know that starting your day with clarity often stems from having a good night of rest? Sleep deprivation is one of the top complaints from Mom around the world, mostly new moms. A good night of sleep helps reduce body pain in which improves mood and we all know a moody Mom is not a good start to anybody's day. Improved mood also reduces anxiety and in turn improves focus and the ability to plan accordingly. Focus and planning helps with decision making and that further reduces anxiety and improves enjoyment. Sounds great doesn't it?

Making time to exercise and take care of your health is not being self centered, it's being responsible. So, the next time you start to feel guilty for taking time for yourself at the spa or you've escaped the household chaos for a yoga session, remember that you're worth it! Taking care of your children, your spouse, your pets and maybe even your parents is a big responsibility, but taking care of yourself should never be compromised. You will never be able to help others if you don't take care of yourself first. Your household chores and list of things to do will always be there, so why not conquer the list with full force, right after you've recharged your life batteries.

Today is never too late for change. You are worth every bit of happiness life has to offer. Rewrite your daily routine and be sure to include a little bit of "me time" on your list of things to get done.

With gratitude and self love,